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Generation: NOW

By Brinda Khandwala, March 3, 2020, Categories: Cover Story

Freshly into adulthood, the current lot of young ethnic expats of Hong Kong, seem to be making the most of …

Cross-Culture Connections

By Brinda Khandwala, December 15, 2019, Categories: Featured, Slider

The best love stories are the ones that overcome conflicts for togetherness to triumph. A lot of Bollywood masala movies …

Humility & Humanity

By Brinda Khandwala, December 13, 2019, Categories: Featured, Profiles, Slider

Founder and Chairman of Buttar Associates, Dr. Kuldeep Buttar is as well-known in the corporate world as he is within …

Getting To Know The ‘Astitva’ Boys

By Brinda Khandwala, November 13, 2019, Categories: Entertainment, Featured, Profiles, Slider

Popular multi-genre Indie boy-band ‘Astitva’ is coming to serenade Hong Kong on 6th December* in a live performance organized by …

Hindi Diwas

By Brinda Khandwala, November 2, 2019, Categories: Edutainment, Featured, Kids, Slider

With all the celebrations last month, there was one less-celebrated occasion that we’d like to mention, on 14th September – Hindi …

The Lion-hearted Candidate

By Brinda Khandwala, October 30, 2019, Categories: Featured, Profiles, Slider

With an ‘open-door’ policy for any person seeking help, Gary Ahuja is the first Indian businessman to be elected as …

Dance workshop with Devesh Mirchandani by BEYOND Bollywood

By Brinda Khandwala, October 18, 2019, Categories: Edutainment, Entertainment, Featured, Kids, Profiles, Slider

A young man from India, Devesh Mirchandani, takes an off-beat path to make it big in dance with his classical …

With Pride, Not Prejudice

By Brinda Khandwala, September 7, 2019, Categories: Featured, Slider

All you need is love, said the Beatles. As true as it is, we also want commitment. Because Liza Minnelli …

Mogambo Is Back!

By Brinda Khandwala, August 27, 2019, Categories: Edutainment, Entertainment, Featured, Kids, Reviews, Slider

After the stellar success of the musical Mogambo Khush Hua, actor-writer-producer Paresh Nyati and choreographer-actor-producer Nidhi Bhagania bring yet another …

Dandiya Duo – Sonali & Deepali to perform in HK!

By Brinda Khandwala, August 23, 2019, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Entertainment, Featured, In the Mood, Kids, Slider

Coming to Hong Kong to perform at the biggest event of the season, singing sisters Sonali and Deepali are ready …

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