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Delia School Of Canada

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Delia School of Canada (DSC) has been providing students from Pre-Grade 1 to Grade 12 with a high quality comprehensive education for over 30 years. The School uses the internationally acclaimed Ontario (Canada) education program – a high caliber academic curriculum accredited by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Canada and the Education Bureau, Hong Kong.


Delia School of Canada is committed to challenging our students academically by cultivating an intellectual curiosity, supporting independent thinking, and by fostering the development of advanced problem-solving skills.  Equally important, DSC believes strongly in helping students grow into positive, responsible, and active members of society. These skills will help prepare them not only for post-secondary education but also to function as global citizens in the 21st Century.


Mission & Values

Delia School of Canada’s mission is to provide opportunities for students to develop their intellectual, physical and social abilities in a multi-cultural environment.  We value the following:


  • Lifelong learning
  • Excellence in teaching
  • High standards of behavior
  • High scholastic standards
  • Commitment to literacy


Academic Programs


Elementary Section

Our Elementary Section offers an exciting, enjoyable yet challenging academic program from Pre-Grade 1 to Grade 6.  Based on the curriculum of Ontario, Canada, our comprehensive program focuses on the following subject areas – English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, the Arts (Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, and Music) and International Languages (French, Japanese or Putonghua).  Students are assigned to a homeroom class and their homeroom teacher provides instruction for all subjects except Health and Physical Education, Music, and International Language. This holistic program provides the foundations for positive life-long learning with students not only gaining knowledge but also developing skills that will help them to become dynamic, responsible and contributing members of our global society.


Our student-centred approach to learning cultivates the development of thinking and communication skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity while fostering empathy and an appreciation of diversity. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum beginning in Pre-Grade 1 with 1:2 iPads, enhanced in the Primary Division with 1:1 iPads, and then again in the Junior Division with 1:1 laptops.  Students are taught to use technology safely and effectively. To this end, our web-based learning platforms allow students to collaborate on-line and access learning support materials while off-site. Regular curriculum-based field trips, guest speakers and special workshops support our philosophy that learning is most effective when it is reinforced in a variety of ways and in diverse contexts.


Secondary Section

The Secondary Section encompasses both a Middle School (Grades 7 to 8) and a High School (Grades 9 to 12). Students work within a 1:1 laptop environment which allows for a rich and meaningful learning environment.


Middle School

Students in our Middle School continue to focus on both academic and social skills necessary to support their growth and development. The academic program includes English, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History, Geography, Health and Physical Education, the Arts (Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, and Music) and International Languages (French, Japanese or Putonghua). However, students have specialized subject teachers and rotate through the day to subject-specific classes.  There is also a House Leagues program to help students build a strong sense of community and personal accomplishment through team-work. Subject teachers prioritize the creation of inclusive, stimulating learning environments to support and challenge student thinking.  Teachers are also committed to providing differentiated instruction to enhance student mastery of the subject material.  Students demonstrate their mastery by applying knowledge of the subject material in unique and varied ways. 

Digital literacy and digital citizenship are infused into all subject areas.  In addition to teaching and assessing subject-specific material, Middle School teachers collaborate to create a variety of activities that develop transferable skills and promote safe and responsible use of learning technologies.


High School

The High School academic year is structured into two semesters.  Semester 1 runs from September to January while Semester 2 is from January to June.  Students typically take 4 courses per semester.  Our teachers are committed to creating stimulating learning environments that challenge students to critically analyze, interpret and communicate their understanding of course content and its implication and/or application.  Curriculum delivery is dynamic and varied with multiple opportunities for students to practice/demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways.  Students require 30 credits to graduate (see Graduation Requirements).


Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a student in Delia School of Canada’s High School program must complete the following:

  • earn 30 credits (1 course = 1 credit)
  • 40 hours of Community Involvement
  • pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test  (OSSLT)

The 30 credits are comprised of 18 compulsory courses that all students must take and pass.  These include:

  • 4 credits in English (One credit per grade); the 4thcredit must be a Grade 12 compulsory English course
  • 3 credits in Mathematics (at least one senior level mathematics credit – Grade 11 or 12)
  • 2 credits in Science
  • 1 credit in Canadian Geography
  • 1 credit in Canadian History
  • 1 credit in the Arts
  • 1 credit in a Second Language (French, Japanese or Putonghua)
  • 1 credit in Physical and Health Education
  • 5 credits in Civics; 0.5 credits in Career Studies
  • 1 additional credit from Group 1:  Canadian and World Studies, English, Social Science, 3rdlanguage
  • 1 additional credit from Group 2  The Arts, Business Studies, Physical and Health Education
  • 1 additional credit from Group 3:  Science (Grades 11 – 12) or Technological Education (Grades 9 -12)


The remaining 12 courses are elective credits and are chosen from all available courses.  Course offerings and descriptions can be found in our High School Course Calendar available on our website:


University Destinations


Delia School of Canada High School graduates have been offered places at the following universities and colleges around the world:  



Australian National University

Deakin University

University of New South Wales

University of Western Australia



Algoma University

Brock University

Carleton University

Dalhousie University

Laurentian University

McMaster University

Ontario College of Art and Design

Ryerson University

Trent University

University of Alberta

University of British Columbia

University of Guelph

University of Ottawa

University of Prince Edward Island

University of Toronto

University of Waterloo

Visual College of Art and Design – Vancouver

York University


Hong Kong

Centennial College

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Open University of Hong Kong

Raffles International College

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

University of Hong Kong



University of Dublin



Amity University

Annamalai University

College of Engineering, Pune

Institute of Business Studies and Research IBSAR

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

Mount Carmel College



Gakushuin Women’s College

Meiji University

Nippon Bunri University

Nippon Taiiku University



National Dong Hwa University
National Taiwan University of Arts

Tamkang University

Yuan Ze University


United Kingdom

Heriot-Watt University

Leeds Beckett University

Liverpool John Moores University

Royal Veterinary College

Swansea University

University of Arts London

University of Bristol

University of Exeter

University of Kent

University of Liverpool

University of London

University of Manchester

University of Portsmouth

University of St. Andrews

University of Southampton

University of Stirling

University of Surrey


United States

Albright College

Canisius College

Eastern Washington University

Linn-Benton Community College

Michigan State University

New York University

Pennsylvania State University

Pratt Institute

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Soka University of America

State University of New York

Suffolk University


Student Testimonials:

Ananya Mohan
– year of graduation from Delia – 2016
– program of study – Foundation in Graphic Design (1 year) + BA (Hons) in Graphic and Media Design (3 years)
– university – University of the Arts London
– city and country – London, UK

My time in DSC has been extremely rewarding. Not only was I taught technical skills that are now immensely helpful in the field that I currently study (Communication Design), but I was given valuable lessons that went beyond the academic sphere. From being in a multicultural environment in an institution that highly values the idea of celebrating diversity, I learned the importance of respect and equality. By being under the guidance of teachers who were dedicated, friendly and just simply good at teaching, I became a sincere student that genuinely enjoyed learning. Overall, my nine years of education at DSC shaped me into an individual that is open-minded and willing to take on lifelong learning, something that I would forever be grateful for.


Chella Velkannan

– year of graduation from Delia – 2014

– program of study – (as of now) Specialist: Behaviour, Genetics and Neurobiology, Minor: Biology

– university – University of Toronto

– city and country – Mississauga – Toronto, Canada


I still remember my first day in Delia School of Canada – students from grades 1 through 8 were lined up in the courtyard and the high-schoolers (who seemed so much taller at that time) made their way to their first classes.  I stood amongst all these people as a nervous 11 year old kid who had just moved to Hong Kong. However, as soon as we reached class and everyone introduced themselves, I knew that things were going to change and that there was no need to fear that.


When I look back at my time in DSC, I realise that it was a place where I experienced friendships, opportunities and, not going to lie, a little bit of stress. It gave me the chance to be part of various clubs, explore different talents and gain valuable skills to cope with life. The highlight of studying at DSC however, is to learn from the incredible teachers there. All the teachers that taught me at DSC were the most motivating and inspiring teachers I have ever met till date and were friendly and patient enough to guide all their students throughout the highs and lows of school.


In many ways, DSC has been the reason I was able to push myself to move away from home and explore the world as a true individual. Currently, I am a third year student at the University of Toronto in Canada – a decision 11 year old me would have never dreamed of making, in a country I had never set foot on before, and getting a university education recognised world-wide.


Overall, I am grateful for having met the people that I did, the amazing and encouraging teachers that taught me and I can truly say my 7 years at DSC are forever cherished and treasured.


Aharna & Tapase


Aharna(6KE) and Tapasa(4KE), Delia School of Canada (Alberta Program)


Aharna and Tapasa came to Hong Kong for the first time with their family in 2008, when their dad got a job as a fleet manager. Aharna started at another school, but quickly switched to Delia School of Canada to attend kindergarten in 2011. She was in Hong for three years and then the family went back to India.   


After staying in India for four years, they came back to Hong Kong and were happy to return to Delia School of Canada they missed Delia and thought of it often in India.


Just before coming back to Hong Kong, Aharna and Tapasa went for a Live India Competition Audition.The Live Show was named SA RE GA MA PA Li’l Champs which was being judged by Himesh Reshamiya, Neha Kakkar and Javed Ali.They passed the 1st and 2nd auditions.


Recently, Delia held a talent show. Aharna and Tapasa, both were excited about singing in the show and confident because of their singing lessons, previous performances and they knew that their parents, teachers and Delia friends supported them.They sang the songs Maa from Taare Zameen Par and Udi from Guzarish. It was blast! Coming back to Delia was a pleasure for both sisters because they made new friends, they actually enjoy their studies and the Physical Education program.   









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