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God in the form of Man-Lion The curious tale of Demon’s end The curious tale behind Holi The tale of Prahlad and Lord Hari

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Lord Nrisingh Killed Ferocious Demon Hiranyakashyap

Story of Ferocious Demon Hiranyakashyap

A long time back there lived a devious king by the name of Hiranyakashyap who wanted to acquire great powers. So, he started hard penance and that pleased many gods. But he was not satisfied with that. He wanted to take the position of the God himself. So, he further intensified his penance. As a result, the intense heat was produced that started scorching the entire earth.

At last, Brahma, the God of Creation appeared before him and told him to ask for any boon except immortality. Hiranyakashyap was shrewd and smart. He wanted to be immortal. So as the first boon he demanded was that he should neither be killed during the day nor during the night. For the second boon, he demanded that he could neither be killed by a man nor by animals. The third boon he asked for was that he should neither be killed inside the house nor outside it. Brahma granted him all the three boons.

After getting all these boons Hiranyakashyap started regarding himself as the God. Riding on newly gained powers he started his devious plays on the earth as he was simply invincible and there was literally no one who could stop him. He also forced his pupil to stop worshipping the God. They were ordered to worship him instead. Those who dared to differ were decimated without a second thought. Hence, with great sorrow, people stopped worshipping the God and started worshipping their cruel king. But the kingdom had a staunch devotee of Lord Hari who openly refused to obey the orders and continued worshipping the god with full reverence. The so-called “traitor” was the most intimate member of cruel king’s family- his own son Prahlada.

At first the king tried to lure him with luxurious gifts and a certain part of the kingdom. When Prahlad refused the offer, Hiranyakashyap even threatened to torture him. But as a real devotee of Lord Hari, Prahlad was not ready to abandon his dear God. Seeing his own son worshipping the God was as painful to Hiranyakashyap as piercing thorns into one’s own eyes. He was also afraid that Prahlad’s audacity would also encourage others to refuse the royal orders or worse still, to revolt against him. So, as the most heinous act of cruelty, the he decided to kill his own son. He wanted to set an example for those who even thought of refusing the royal orders. So he devised several most torturous ways of killing his son. But one particular strategy appealed most to his cruel mind and he invited every pupil of his kingdom to witness the exemplary end of his son’ life.

With a heavy heart, the people came on a fateful day as they were compelled to comply with royal orders. Each eye was profusely shedding tears. Hiranyakashyap clapped and the small child Prahlada was brought on the platform- his small body fettered with heavy iron shackles but his face lit with a smile. Hiranyakashyap looked at him with contempt and clapped again. From the other side emerged the formidable elephant weighing several thousand kilos. The elephant was intoxicated and its ferocious trumpets were loud enough to bring an earthquake. Everyone was frightened to the bone except 2 persons, Hiranyakashyap who was guffawing at his worst and Prahlad who was calm and smiling. Prahlad was made to lie down on the ground and the elephant was goaded to trample the small child under its foot. But to the utmost surprise of people, even after being trampled by the grand pachyderm Prahad remained unharmed.

Chagrined and infuriated, Hiranyakashyap ordered to take Prahlad back to the dark cellar. After much thought, he devised a foolproof plan. Hiranyakashyap had a sister who could not be hurt by the fire due to her supernatural powers. So he ordered his sister to take Prahlad in her lap and sit inside the fire. The sister was as cruel as the Hiranyakashyap and she decided to end the Prahlad’s life. On the fateful day she took Prahlad in her lap on the pretext of playing with him and as per the plan, immediately entered inside the leaping tongues of flame and sat there. Suddenly the unexpected happened and she started shrieking with horror. Within moments she was reduced to the ashes while Prahlad was sitting right in the middle of the flame with a benign smile on his face. Hiranyakshayap stood up with surprise and took out his sword to cut the throat of Prahlad. Just then an ear-searing roar shook the earth and a pillar of the palace burst. Hiranyakashyap looked in the direction of the roar and froze with fear.

From the pillar emerged a ferocious figure with the face of lion and body of a human being. It was Nrisingh (Nri-Man and Singh-Lion) that huge figure gripped Hiranyakashyap with one hand and took it to the ramp of the door. The sword fell from cruel king’s hands. Nrisingh then lied down Hiranyakashya on one of his thighs.

The pure fear danced on the face of Hiranyakashyap. All his boons were now unable to save his life. He was neither standing outside the palace not inside it but was on the ramp! Nrisingh was neither a man nor an animal as he had the body of man but face of the lion! It was neither day nor night, but dusk. Hiranyakashyap could not be killed by any type of weapon. So, with a deafening roar Nrisingh pierced his huge nails into the chest of the devilish king and huge streams of blood spurted out. The king who was the synonym of cruelty and power was now gasping for breath like a helpless mortal. But all his attempts to regain life failed miserably. Within moments the devilish king’s lifeless body was lying on the floor.  The Nrisingh was none other than the incarnation of Lord Hari! This auspicious occasion is celebrated all over India in the form of Holi.

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Our sincere thanks to our esteem sponsor SBI , BUTTAR GROUP OF COMPANIES & DELIA SCHOOL OF CANADA for their kind support. Holi colours are available at our Hung Hum office to collect the same please c…

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