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Meet The Team

Gaurav A.Pardeshi

Co-Founder & Chief Editor

Phone: +852-23631786
What is a hidden talent/hobby that no one would expect from you? 
Drawing Sketches.  During my school days, I drew sketches of almost all WWF wrestlers and they were so good, I would actually sell them for 5 rupees each drawing in my school to friends.
How did you come-up with this name A-Desiflava? 
When I was in London doing my postgraduate studies, there used to be an Indian restaurant in Hounslow, London by the name of Desiflava which literally meant Desi (Indians) Flava (Flavour) this name was tinkering in my head from a very long time for some reason, so when planning the magazine I thought of using the same name but giving the flavor of readership for Desi’s by way of a magazine instead of food . I added an ‘A’ before Desiflava so that it could help with SEO and also one Vaastu consultant suggested adding this alphabet ‘A’ before the name of the Magazine.

Neha Pathak

Co-Founder & Director

Phone: +852-23631786
What is your biggest professional achievement so far?
I was the first 5 finalist at the Gladrags Mrs.India 2011 that was a reality tv show on NDTV channel in India. I was chosen among thousands of contestants at the auditions and was also the winner of pageant Most Glamourous Mrs.India in the same pageant. 
What is a hidden talent/hobby that no one would expect from you? 
Dancing.  I used to be a professional classical and Bollywood dancer.  If you see me dancing you wouldn’t say I’m not a professional.
Why did you join hands with Gaurav on A-Desiflava?
I could relate to his view that there was a big gap in the Hong Kong media for the expat and lower to middle-income group of Indians living in Hong Kong. There were very few Indian magazines in Hong Kong in 2012, and also they were only reaching the top businessmen, high-income elite societies Indians in Hong Kong. A-Desiflava is meant to target the readership of lower to a middle-income group of expats and south Asians community of HK.

Dr. Krishna Shah 

Assistant General Manager

Phone: +852-64166777

What was your favorite childhood tv show?
As a child, I loved watching ‘Aladin’ for which I was ready to bunk the school even. It gave wings to my imagination as a child. Each part of this show had filled me with feelings of joy and awe. 
What is a hidden talent/hobby that no one would expect from you?
Making cards for different occasions using ‘Quilling Technique’. Whenever people see it, they get extremely surprised at its beauty and my creativity.
What do you enjoy the most with your job at A-Desiflava magazine? 
Being an educationist for more than eight years, this role has given me altogether a new perspective and experience of Market in its true sense. I enjoy my role to the core as it gives me an opportunity for learning the various aspect of mass communication. Every day is a new day at A-Desiflava Magazine as there is no Failure only Feedback at each step of learning. 

Brinda Khandwala

Managing Editor – Print & Website

Phone: +852 55280788
What was your favourite childhood tv show?
Oh, so many… As much as mom hated it, I was glued to the couch, almost hypnotized by the TV! It’s hard to pick favourites because I loved everything from Small Wonder, Full House, Wonder Years, Different Strokes, Saved by the Bell. In the later years I was fascinated by supernatural girlpower – so, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Buffy The Vampire Slayer took over. There was also Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Beverly Hills 90210. Of course, as every 90s teen, I have binged on Friends! I still do – its my comfort viewing. Now life comes a full circle – my children are watching Fuller House with the same cast, all grown up!  
What is a hidden talent/hobby that no one would expect from you? 
Bollywood gossip! And now with social media at my fingertips, it’s become an addiction. Instagram is my air supply. I can spend hours talking about everything that happens BTS. But this side of me remains in wraps unless I am with someone who is equally nuts about Bollywood.Another free time activity is drafting people’s personal notes! At school I was the in-house Hallmark. Friends came to me to make their cards and love notes. Even now, for most friends, I am the go-to person for drafting their CVs, invitations, school applications. Guess I have a way with words. My husband can vouch for this, mostly because he’s never won an argument!
What do you enjoy the most with your job at A-Desiflava magazine? 
I joined the magazine soon after moving here. It is the best way to get to know the city. I love that no two days are the same. Each morning there is something new on the desk that’s challenging and exciting. It is because of the magazine that I get to meet and talk to a lot of inspiring people. That keeps me going every day.

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