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Recommendations for Spiritual Release

By admin, September 21, 2017, Categories: Featured, Spiritual

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Spiritual Release Therapy Practitioner Ruhaani talks us through the five most important elements of our life, and shares her advice on releasing the blocks to our own happiness, success, and spirituality.


  1. Self-Love– Why is it important for me to love myself?

Self-love is about how you value yourself. You are likely to feel more confident and secure by simply being, loving, yourself. Moreover, inner peace comes easier, and so does a balanced lifestyle.

When you think about health, wealth, love, or relationships you can tend to wonder why your situation could not be as good as it could be. All these issues are directly linked to how you see and love yourself, which is reflected in the choices you make. If you make choices that do not bring you peace, you are not valuing yourself; you must change the type of choices you make to change your situation. However, if you make the right choice and still feel guilty, you are probably holding the emotion of unworthiness and undeserving. A person who constantly makes loving choices would come across as a happy, balanced and calm individual.


  1. Recognition– Is it wrong for me to want to be recognised and appreciated by others?

There is no right or wrong, every choice presents an opportunity to learn something new. It has become quite common to seek recognition and appreciation from family members, friends or even bosses, and thus derive the validation of self-worth and value from another person. The danger is that the sense of self can be lost, as one can tend to only feel happy when the other person is happy. As you practice owning, accepting and loving ourselves unconditionally, you can learn that the ultimate feeling of being appreciated comes from within us. Then you can invite new people into our lives who naturally appreciate and respect you.


  1. Relationships– Besides the relationship we have with our Significant Other, which other of relationship is important, and what can I do to improve it?

Each relationship you have is important as it comes with a series of lessons and learnings. Having love in all relationships can help stimulate other qualities like acceptance, respect, understanding, patience, loyalty, concern, empathy, and harmony. Since you are likely to receive the energy that what you give out, you should first practise giving love, respect, and understanding wholeheartedly in every relationship.


  1. Money– How can I build a harmonious relationship with money and eliminate all blocks?

Money, like anything else, carries its own energy and the amount of money you have is reflective of the degree of your self-worth and self-value. This is expressed through our thoughts, emotions, energies, and actions.

Limiting beliefs about money come from one’s past experiences. This can even a past life incident, or a traumatic experience in this lifetime. An individual must therefore work towards healing the past to reconnect with the Universe’s flow of wealth, which is infinite and abundant. This can be done through various energy clearing or subconscious reprogramming methods. Although changing our actions and choices is vital, our intention, emotion, and energy of an action is of equal importance. Doing a positive action with a negative energy is likely to bring a negative result; the change needs to happen on a deeper level not just superficially.


  1. Empowerment– What can I do to empower myself without relying on others/outside circumstances? Why is it important for me to empower others – what benefit[s] will it bring me &/or them?

Empowerment is knowing and understanding that you have control of your life. To truly feel and know this, you need to first take ownership of our choices and decisions – especially the ones made in the past, which have led you to your current situation.

You are responsible for your decisions, reactions and thoughts. Many people make choices based on what they believe that they “have to” do, but many of these things are simply derived from perceived expectations of others. Unfortunately, they get ‘trained’ to do to things that took us off our alignment and to ignore the feeling of imbalance. Empowerment allows individuals to take back that control to identify their desires and be in alignment with their authentic self. While doing so though, it is vital to express yourself to loved ones and get their support. The changes will in turn, help manifest a more aligned, happier and balanced reality.

In order to be true to yourself, you must first understand who you are, accept and celebrate that. You need to feel worthy, complete and perfect. This feeling cannot be something that you look for outside. When you understand that everyone is unique and yet perfect, you can not only celebrate yourself, but also celebrate, encourage and support everyone in your life. Once you start making changes in your choices, the universe understands through your actions that you desire happiness, contentment, peace and balance, so it begins presenting to more ways to achieve this. You need to trust and have faith that the universe always does things in the most harmonious way for everyone, so if you feel disharmony, reconsider how you are addressing the situations in your life. In each challenge that you encounter there would be lesson to learn, grow and expand in consciousness. This is the purpose of every life…it is the ultimate learning and growth of our soul and consciousness.

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