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10 Must-Have Apps

By Editor's Desk, February 7, 2020, Categories: Slider

Whether you’re home or out, awake or asleep, at work or at a party – your phone doesn’t leave your side. The one loyal companion – call her Siri, Alexa or Cortana, its there to serve you all the time. Assuming you already have the basic apps like Google Maps, Shazam, CamScanner, Truecaller, Splitwise etc.., make your phone work even better for you with some of the latest must-have apps.


An offline reading app that saves your selected articles from various platforms for reading later. We spend a lot of time browsing various news apps and Facebook or simply the internet and stumble upon interesting articles. But not always do we have the time to read them in that moment. Often it’s forgotten or if you remember it, you may not find it. Pocket works like a bookmark for reading later.

The best part is you don’t need the internet for reading later. The article can be read offline – so even when your phone is on flight-mode, you can use your travel time to revisit those articles and read at your leisure.


We all have fitness goals for the new year, and this is just the app for getting there. Pacer is a pedometer and step counter. It tracks your activity all day as well as provides a weekly, monthly and annual graph with average. It also supports weight, BMI and BP tracking! You can feed in your information and set your goals. The app allows you to connect with a friend and track your activities together. The app interface is clean and user-friendly. It also offers guided workouts within the app.


Simply said, it makes holiday planning and booking easier. From flights to hotels and car hires, it scans the availabilities and prices to offer the best deals. It’s a great portal to compare prices. People mostly use it for flight booking as it connects you to the best flight deals available at the given time. But if you use all the features of the app – you can book your whole trip on one app and be sure to get a good bargain on it. The app also suggests inspiring destinations and activities in the destinations.


A lot of you may already have this. But for those who don’t, it’s a fun one to have for parties! Psych is an exciting party game to play with friends on game night, road trips or simply late-night gatherings at home. Heck, you can play a round or two with the office team during lunch break! Apart from the various categories, you can even customize the game for your little team of players. It’s a battle of wits as fake and quirky answers to trivia score higher.


An app to get you off your phone! Forest is the antidot to your phone addiction. It allows you to plant virtual trees when you start your tasks. The more your concentrate on your task, the more the trees grow, and your forest becomes lush. If you’re looking for some de-addiction methods, this one is fun and helpful. Try it and you’re sure to make a new change this year. And you’ll be proud for making an actual difference because you’re spending virtual coins in Forest for planning real trees!


Amongst the many ‘7 Minute Workout’ apps, this one seems to be the most popular. With personalized workout plans, it helps in building muscle, losing weight or just generally getting fit. You can spare 7 minutes a day, anywhere and anytime as there is no equipment needed. It allows you to share goals and compete with friends. The app tracks your activity and as you achieve your goals, you can earn new instructors!


You’re taking care of the body, and now this one is for the mind. The app is for guided meditation and mindfulness. There are ten 10-minute sessions for meditation. You can even download a session for later and use the app offline. The user interface is simple yet smart. The animation is excellent in explaining concepts. This is something you can do with the family too as the app has ‘Headspace for Kids’ as well. In fact, the kids content is great to get children to calm, focus and sleep better.

Kaspersky Safe Kids:

Amongst the cheapest and best options for monitoring kids using smartphones, tablets and computer. Though the free version can monitor only one child with one device, the premium version (affordable) can monitor multiple devices. You can ‘allow’ or ‘forbid’ certain apps and categories. It also lets you set time limits on the use of certain apps. Your child can continue using the phone normally and yet have limits set on watching YouTube or playing games. Kaspersky Safe Kids offers comprehensive web-filtering feature sets with a total of 14 categories and each can be flagged as ‘forbidden’, ‘allowed’, or ‘warning’.


Learn Chinese! With an integrated Chinese to English dictionary, flashcards, script scanner and handwriting inputs – this app is all you need to get by. Don’t let the language barrier slow you down, get Pleco at your fingertips. Whether you already know the language or you’re learning it afresh, it will be helpful because it allows different methods of inputs. It generates both – meaning and pronunciation.


Yes, let us say it – its better than Google Maps. Citymapper is a great app for navigating through the city. Its very efficient is guiding with the best route and transport options within the city. It smartly calculates which more of transport is ideal and also allows to pick from options of walking, MTR, bus, tram, minibus, ferry, taxi, Uber and more! If you are walking, it will also show you how many calories you’ve burned.

As published in A-DesiFlava – Jan-Feb 2020 issue

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