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Jitendra Bhojwani.

Jitendra is a freelance multifaceted writer, a peaceful soul who spends most of his time reading and writing. He considers and respects writing as a meditative technique to get rid of negative thoughts and stress. His favorite niches include history, travel, lifestyle and technology. An introvert and keen history buff, he likes visiting in abandoned forts and small, sleepy cities. He also loves traversing the labyrinths of old literature, listening to soul stirring classical instrumental music and making friends with animals.

Holi-like celebrations around the world

Happy Holi fellow desis! May this festival bring all the joyous colours into your lives. While we’re away from home, celebrating Holi in our...

Tacit Knowledge

We know more than we can tell One of the essential managerial terms that are gaining a wide popularity in management training field is Tacit...

How Do Seasons Affect Colours And Patterns?

How do you feel when you attend a party and people tell you “Wo.OW” you look awesome” (yeah exactly the same words, accentuating each...