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Category: In the Mood

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Tailoring your New Year’s Resolutions

By Komal R. Lakhani, December 30, 2018, Categories: Beauty & Health, Featured, In the Mood

New Year resolutions are a cliché, but who said clichés are bad? Making a resolution is a great way to …

Same Same, but different – A tale of Unity in Festivity

By Archita Bisht, November 6, 2018, Categories: Featured, In the Mood, Top Story

The world is in disarray. Whether its natural disasters, human rights violations, genocides or corrupt politicians, chaos cannot seem to …

How to Avoid Becoming Your Crush’s Rakhi-Brother!

By Rupak Chatterjee, August 18, 2018, Categories: In the Mood

The day red-blooded men in all corners of India dread is finally here. The problem isn’t choosing the perfect gift …


By Editor's Desk, October 27, 2017, Categories: In the Mood

After a break of five years, the Hong Kong World Sixes returns to Kowloon Cricket Club building on the success …

Diwali Prayers Traditions and Mantras

By Cheshta Mann, October 18, 2017, Categories: Featured, In the Mood

Diwali, the festival of lights and valor, is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm throughout the country. Celebrated every year, this …

Worshiping Hindu Gods and Goddesses

By Editor's Desk, October 6, 2017, Categories: Featured, In the Mood

A Hindu ritual, tradition or religion is often incomplete without worship of a God or Goddess. Find out whom, and …

Domestic Decorations for Divali

By Suraj Samtani, October 1, 2017, Categories: Featured, In the Mood

With Divali round the corner, ADesiflava caught up with Anita Chhatpar, the connoisseur of cultural home decorations.   For over …

Searching for Happiness Amidst the Stress

By Suraj Samtani, September 21, 2017, Categories: Featured, In the Mood

In the storm of stress, many of us tend to lose ourselves in our desperate search of shelter. Sonia Samtani …

Boxing Beyond Boundaries

By Suraj Samtani, September 13, 2017, Categories: Featured, In the Mood

  Ever since Taqdeer Singh Dhillon conquered the E-1 Boxing World Championship 2017, boxing has won a new ring of …

Is India independent, or is it in dependence?

By Editor's Desk, September 6, 2017, Categories: In the Mood

We celebrate India’s independence every year, but what will it take for a country to be safe? As we get …

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