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Enharmonica Charity Concert

By Editor's Desk, November 27, 2019, Categories: Edutainment, Entertainment, Featured, Slider

Hong Kong Enharmonica, Hong Kong’s first orchestra comprising persons with disabilities and without disabilities, organized a charity concert at 7:30 pm last night at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, delivering fascinating performance to the audience.

The concert was kicked off with an opening ceremony chaired by directors and advisors of AR Charitable Foundation, including Mr. Bernard Charnwut Chan, Mr. Edward Chan, Mr. Philip Wu, Mr. Jason Wu, Mr. Mason Wu, Mr. Benjamin Tang, Mr. Chan Wo Ping, Ms. Bianca Ma , Mrs. Loretta Shuen and Mr. Wong Kok Ho. 70 musicians with disabilities and without disabilities in Hong Kong Enharmonica, together with guest performers including legendary singer Mr. Jacky Cheung, Thai Blind Symphony Orchestra TBSO, and Mr. Felix Klieser, a world-class horn musician, joined hands to perform enchanting musical pieces. Their performances delivered the concept of harmony and nurtured music talent of persons with disabilities and without disabilities in order to help them live a meaningful, fruitful and joyful life.

Tickets for the concert were not for sale. Free admission was offered to charities, persons with disabilities and the public respectively. Hong Kong Enharmonica also provided traffic arrangements for the ones in need, whilst arranging barrier-free access and facilities inside the venue.

Mr. Jacky Cheung rendered full support to Hong Kong Enharmonica. In addition to joining the promotion video shooting of the charity concert, Mr. Cheung participated in this meaningful event as the guest performer and jointly performed a number of classic songs with Hong Kong Enharmonica. Moreover, echoing the theme “Connect the World through Music, Achieve Harmony, Bring Joy to the Mass ”, Thai Blind Symphony Orchestra TBSO joined as special guest performers, and played exemplary songs namely “Imagine” and “We are the world”, etc. at the show. Born with no arms, Mr. Felix Klieser is a German world-class horn player who has participated in countless applauded performances worldwide. Over the years, he won numerous international awards and presented several musical albums.

Ms. Bianca Ma (馬健生女士), Convenor of Hong Kong Enharmonica said, “The concert “觸感‧色彩共融慈善音樂會” tonight comprised the performance of musicians with disabilities and without disabilities who are from different countries and diverse background, delivering remarkable performance to our audience. Hong Kong Enharmonica strives to nurture those with musical talents and, and targets to organize such meaningful charity concert every year in the future.”

Mr. Vincent Liauw, Music Director of Hong Kong Enharmonica said, “Music is an international common language, Hong Kong Enharmonica aims to produce thrilling symphonies by involving people with different background, thereby achieving disability inclusion through music. During the ensemble, we can listen to each other and convene music. We hope that the success of the concert can inspire more parties to organize similar meaningful performance. Looking forward, we target to deliver more brilliant performance in various platforms to continuously promote our vision.”

About Hong Kong Enharmonica

Found by AR Charitable Foundation, Hong Kong Enharmonica strives to develop into Hong Kong’s first orchestra comprising Persons with disabilities (PWDs) and without disabilities. Hong Kong Enharmonica targets to sustainably develop into a conventional orchestra, with a view to promoting the development of music talent of PWDs.

About AR Charitable Foundation
AR Charitable Foundation was formed by a number of Hong Kong entrepreneurs in 2011, with an aim of supporting social welfare, education, training and innovative projects, as well as nurturing diversified talents and contributing to the society. With a view of supporting the development of children and youngsters with special education needs, AR Charitable Foundation has been donating to several charitable parties and schools for years. The foundation also concerns about the well-being of locals with disabilities and is committed to provide them with development opportunities to achieve disability inclusion. 

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