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Grade “A” BLS Saffron
Saffron has been considered as one of the most valued spice and has been used as a coloring agent in food preparations for many centuries. It has been observed to have tremendous medicinal properties. We are committed to quality and ensure that our saffron belongs to the highest graded standard: Grade “A”/ Grade 1 category. Imported from the finest saffron fields of Spain, Northern Iran, Northern Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Southern Turkey, Southern Turkmenistan, Southern Tajikistan and Northern India, we source handpicked finest pure (Genuine) quality saffron from the recent crop produce. The combined best quality output selected from these regions are further selected to be categorized under BLS Saffron. The seasonal output for such high-grade BLS Saffron is usually around 20 to 30 kilograms so we take great pride in our offering. Thus BLS Saffron is meant for those who want best. BLS Saffron is available in limited supply and hence would carry a premium on the product. “Wish You Good Health”

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