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Natural healing inspired by ancient Ayurveda heritage.

Pain relief through a balanced mix of plant extracts.

The past year has been one of the more challenging times of my health ever. I developed a frozen shoulder and after visiting numerous doctors and trying different treatments I felt very alone and helpless. Beyond the pain it was also starting to disrupt my sleeping patterns, draining me of energy, and after trying the available remedies I found they only provided temporary pain relief, as they only treated the symptoms and not the cause.


After finding better relief through natural remedies, including neuro-massages and aromatherapy, I began to research better, all natural alternatives for pain relief. Working together with a certified reflexologist and mixologist, using only the best natural ingredients from Australia, Europe and South America, we have developed a set of balanced healing oils which is a hybrid of traditional Ayurveda and modern Aromatherapy for lasting pain management.

I now bring these oils to you under my banner: Inner Temple Healing Oils.

You will become your own healer with Mother Nature’s guiding hand.

Shirley B

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