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Welcome to the Homepage of the Labour Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Established in 1946, the Labour Department aims to enhance the well-being of our workforce and promote the safety and health of those at work.

Hong Kong’s hard-working, adaptable workforce is one of its most valuable assets and a key contributor to the city’s economic competitiveness. The Labour Department has adopted various strategies to deal with the challenges posed by the continuing uncertain global economic outlook on the local job market. These include providing comprehensive employment services, offering free and efficient employment assistance and counselling services to job seekers of different background including the vulnerable groups and ethnic minority; setting up resource centres for youths and dedicated recruitment centres for employers and job-seekers in the catering, retail and construction industries; enhancing the Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme to promote sustained employment of low-income earners; and exploring with more countries to establish new Working Holiday Scheme arrangements.

Apart from facilitating employment, the Labour Department is committed to improving employees’ rights and benefits. To enhance the well-being of our workforce, we rigorously enforce labour laws, foster harmonious employer/employee relations through advocating good employment practices, and conciliating labour disputes. We review the Statutory Minimum Wage rate regularly, and have set up a committee to look into possible options for formulating working hours policy. To increase awareness of foreign domestic helpers, their employers, and employment agencies on their respective rights and responsibilities, we continue to step up publicity efforts and education work and maintain close collaboration with local consulates. To strengthen the regulation of employment agencies, we will also introduce a Code of Practice for the industry.

On occupational safety and health, we strive to reduce the risks to the safety and health of people at work to the minimum through a three-pronged strategy of inspection and enforcement, education and training, as well as publicity and promotion. With the continuous stream of mega infrastructure projects, we are particularly concerned about the occupational safety and health in the construction industry and will continue to launch special enforcement operations to deter work practices contravening work safety and health requirements.

Our Homepage is a focal point of labour and employment matters of Hong Kong. We have uploaded onto our Homepage a wide range of useful information, covering our public services, the latest news of the Department as well as recent publications on labour and employment-related subjects.

I hope you will find our Homepage informative and user-friendly. Your suggestions on our policies/services and our Homepage would be most welcome.

Carlson K S Chan
Commissioner for Labour

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