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Mosh Vision

Contact lenses help you to look your best and enjoy great all-round vision.  There are over 125 million contact lens wearers globally, by 2020...

Sagar Counselling Centre

Sagar Counselling Centre is very unique in itself. Mrs. Poonam V. Mehta and Mr. Jaya Raju Darsi who were unknown to each other found...

Inner Temple Healing Oils

Natural healing inspired by ancient Ayurveda heritage.   Pain relief through a balanced mix of plant extracts. The past year has been one of the more challenging...

AyurYoga International Limited

Our philosophy at AyurYoga is simple – Great Health is Everyone’s Birthright!  Mother Nature has blessed us and provided us with all we need to...

All About You Wellness Centre

All About You is a spaciously warm wellness centre in Hong Kong and features two designer consultation rooms and a multi-functional training room. All About...

Smita More

Smita More uses natural, time tested energy healing and other natural methods to help people with their health problems. She has cured various individuals,...