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By Editor's Desk, December 23, 2019, Categories: Entertainment, Kids, Profiles, Slider

As exciting as Christmas sounds, parents know it means two weeks of holidays! Sugar-pumped kids around the house all day can be quite a handful.

While the little ones, below 7 years, can watch mindless, endless cartoons, the older pre-teen ones resort to YouTube videos. But YouTube can often go beyond the boundaries of parental controls.

Netflix has some truly interesting and sensible shows that not only the 7 to 13 years would absolutely enjoy, but can also get us adults hooked. Mix it up and make a weekly schedule with these 7 must-watch shows.


Sahana Srinivasan and her team explore the sciences behind everyday phenomena in a superfun way! This one is sure to get the grey matter increasing.

Raising Dion

The story of a seven-year-old discovering he has inherited super powers is an engaging one to say the least. Parents, be prepared to get addicted to the show!

The A List

A classic mix of camp and horror makes this an interesting watch right from the beginning. It is brilliant how the horror is handled just right keeping the age group in mind.

Our Planet

The word documentary may sound boring but the show is anything bus that. There is a whole unseen world out there that opens up in this exciting show about the natural beauty and life on Earth.

Creeped Out

A new horror story  in each episode. Each one is interesting. And the ‘creep factor’ is just the right amount to not give nightmares to the young watchers.

No Good Nick

One of the best ‘naughty turned nice’ stories on Neflix. How a foster child changes her rebellious ways because of the love and care she gets from the host family. Watch it together with the kids.

The Unlisted

Based in Australia, identical twins Dru and Kal with a team of rebel kids learn of the secret plot of an undercover agency tracking and controlling kids. With a little tadka of an Indian home, this series is very engaging.

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