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Kid Toys VR BOX

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About this product

Spectacular 3D reality vision-all you need is to position your phone, adjust the viewing angle, and then you will see the immersive 3D virtual reality through the lens to watch the 320-inch screen.
Eye protection & comfort-8 layers of nano-coated lenses can reduce 90% of mobile phone screen radiation and harmful blue light reflection; soft leather padding keeps your skin comfortable.
Adjustable pupil and focal distance – turn the upper knob to adjust the pupil distance from 55 mm to 75 mm; twist the side knob to adjust the focal distance while wearing.
Suitable for 6-inch phones – compatible with iPhone 6s Plus 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 Edge S7 Note 4 5 Edge, LG G3x Sony Xperia Z3, etc. Some small screen phones like iPhone 4 may not have a perfect experience.
Download 3D video application-This VR cannot automatically convert images to 3D format, you need to download an application with 3D format video or watch panoramic video on YouTube, QR code and video source can be found in Google.

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