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Xaiomi Amazfit Verge white

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About this product
11 Sports mode: It is not only a smart watch, it is also a smart monitor for fitness and health. It has 11 built-in sports modes including running, indoor running, trail, walking, elliptical skiing, mountaineering, tennis, skiing, football, outdoor cycling and indoor cycling.
GPS + GLONASS positioning system: more accurate tracking of sports activities, location, accurate tracking of calories, continuous heart rate monitoring, and low power consumption.
5-day battery life: Long battery life on a single charge in daily standby mode. Use the large display 1.3-inch AMOLED color touch screen to save your time and become your daily fitness and health partner.
Pick up and make phone calls: Amazfit Verge can handle all phone functions. No need to unplug the phone to make a call, just tap to make a call.
SMS, calendar and social notifications: A large screen with high-resolution AMOLED display to receive notification pushes. Constantly update all news from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


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