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Western Pacific Kindergarten

By Editor's Desk, June 17, 2020, Categories: Edutainment, Kids

A Pioneer in Providing Kindergarten Education to Ethnic Minority Children

As a pioneer in providing kindergarten education to ethnic minority children, we have earned a valuable reputation from our alumni students, their parents, and the community. Parents highly appreciate the quality of our education we achieved; and their satisfaction is well recognized in their enthusiasm for volunteering work at our school. Our students cover generations in families, some are now grandparents, some are parents already, and many of our students being their offspring right now. Geographically, our students now come from various districts, including Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Ma Tei, Mongkok, Sham Shui Po, Kwai Chung, Hung Hom, Tsuen Wan, Tung Chung, etc..

At our kindergarten, local students and ethnic minority students learn Chinese and English together in a rich English and Chinese environment. Some minority students speak their mother tongue when they first enter school, and they start to learn English after entering school. Learning English is easier than learning Chinese. Our tactic is to acquire an adequate level of literacy in English in the first place, and then Chinese the next. We are proud to say that while our K3 graduates can speak and communicate in English with others. On the other hand, they are also capable of recognizing and reading basic Chinese vocabulary and sentences and using simple Chinese to communicate with others.

To accomplish overall proficiency in English and Chinese, a whole language storybook reading time is conducted every day. Students first read aloud altogether, then in small groups, and finally on an individual basis to acquaint them with the language and content. They then practice those learned sentences and expressions further through games and role-play to build up their confidence in using the languages.

Our teachers share the common goal that by the end of three years of kindergarten education, our ethnic minority students will have acquired the ability to listen, speak and write basic Chinese and to reach the required academic level of English for further education at primary school. Over the years, the fact that 95% of our graduates have proven themselves to be able to speak fluent English providing them with an edge over the others in their Primary one classes.

Character education is one of the major concerns of our school. Since the good character can be internalized through practice and experience, various theme activities, such as storytelling, games, and role-playing are arranged in daily lessons. Students will be taught to exercise good behaviors while teachers will observe individual performance and record it in the “Characters Performance Record Sheet”. After the monthly assessment, those with good performance will be awarded the “Character Star of the Month” as an encouragement.

Our kindergarten environment is enriched with displays of children’s artworks and creations featuring ethnic characteristics, providing a channel for our students to learn and appreciate multicultural values, and at the same time to develop and strengthen a sense of belonging to the school and community.

Learning to serve others can help children explore their potentials and build up confidence in themselves through role-play activities Teachers assign specific duty to each of the students according to the responsible serving role assumed, such as 「Class Monitor」, 「Toys leader」, 「Games Angel」, 「Eco-warrior」, 「Little teacher」, etc. Children will be able to experience “Yes, I  can!” with a sense of achievement.

Our classrooms also set up News Corners to encourage our students to read news and care for their community. Becoming a good citizen requires caring for others. Students are arranged to visit elderly centers and learn to serve and care for others.

Your children are our future and need to build a broader horizon from time to time. Our school’s all-round approach includes participating in extracurricular multi-activities to bring our student to explore fun and diverse learning experiences such as Hong Kong Kindergarten English Singing Contest, Road Safety Coloring Competition, watching scientific movies at Space Museum, bird watching in Wetland Park, playing with sand at the beach, visiting the post office and observing how the postmen work.

Family education and school education complement each other and go hand in hand. The home-school collaboration model is roughly as follows:

  • Seminars and workshops are conducted during each term to [enriching our parents with stronger beliefs] provide professional advice to parents on effective ways of teaching and communicating with their children. Professional guest speakers such as Doctors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Child Development Experts, are invited to attend to help our parents understand child development issues and provide professional advice.
  • Parent lesson observation activity is conducted every year to provide an opportunity for our parents to understand what and how their children are doing in the lessons and how they spend their time in school. We collect questionnaires for most of the school activities and analyze their comments. We then apply the drawn recommendations and conclusions from the data for activity review and also use them as a valuable reference for planning our new term curriculum to improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Home-school collaboration: Parents are invited to assist in the implementation of school activities. Parent volunteer groups have also been organized to participate in school activities.
  • Parent circulars: To strengthen then the communication between the school and parents of ethnic students, the information provided by the school is attached in both English and Chinese versions, including circulars, wall coverings, Parent Newsletter, children’s homework, and worksheet. Parent Handbook and Student Handbook.

In February 2016, our school passed the “Pre-Primary Institutions–Quality Review” assessment conducted by the Education Bureau regarding the school’s management, learning, and teaching. The report proved that we have performed and achieved remarkably well in all areas.


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