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Who is responsible for my death?

By Editor's Desk, September 19, 2020, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Cover Story, Entertainment, Featured, In the Mood, Slider, Top Story

There are many theories doing rounds, and every day is a new revelation on some new approach to SSR’s death. Many also say that the poor guy’s death has become a political spat between BJP and Shiv Sena-Congress, and both the political parties are trying to use their own media power’s for their political atrocities.

Mumbai Police – Just do not want to work

Our Mumbai Police is just too busy, and will always find reasons not to accept your complaints and hear your problems; either your complaint does not qualify as per their books of Law & Order, or either they are too busy to handle your complaint since they have a lot of other more-important emergencies to handle.

If you go there with any genuine problem, they will put the law & order books in your face, and when you break the law & order to get your trouble solved, they will say why did you not approach the Mumbai Police.

I can share my personal experience to prove this fact. An app development Company got introduced to me by a close friend almost two years ago. Two persons by the names of Pravin Odedara and Vineet Singh introduced themselves as Heuristic Solutions based in Ghatkopar West. I was pretty satisfied with their profile and knowledge, and also, since they came through close friends’ reference, I immediately signed them up for my first App development project in India. I paid them their hefty advance to start the work, and from time to time, I made their payments based on project milestones set as per our contract. Time to time, they showed me the app development work and took money from me, but never delivered anything. After one year, all the troubles started when they stopped asking for more money and stopped achieving their milestones. Even after over two years, the project stands incomplete, and since January 2020, both the company representatives stopped attending my phone calls.

In July 2020, I visited the Borivali police station in Mumbai to complain about the frauds with a view that the police can help or guide me. Instead of listening to my problem or even making me understand the legal way to solve the problem, the lady police officer very rudely stated straight on my face that the Mumbai police cannot do anything in this matter, and she does not even know who can help me. She clearly stated that they have more severe and urgent issues to handle compared to my issue.

In August 2020, I met the Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone 11, Vishal Thakur, to get his support. I explained to him my problem and requested his guidance, and the only thing he mentioned was that as per the books of law & order, my agreement with the app developing Company needs to be registered with the government. I asked him what he meant by that, and he mentioned that I need to find out on my own. I requested him to provide some alternate solution to my trouble, but he kept mum, and he called for his assistant and showed me the way out of his room, telling his assistant to register my complaint only if it’s legal, which indirectly meant that ‘Don’t do anything for him.’

This indicated that the Mumbai Police itself makes you a criminal by not helping you when you need their guidance and support. Now I feel my only wat to get back my money from the fraud app developers is to take some illegal action against the fraud app developers, indirectly pushing me towards doing something not legitimate.

Based on my personal experience, I clearly can say one thing that, In India, Law, and Order is only for the poor and the middle-class but nothing applies for the rich & famous.

God forbade you to get caught in Mumbai breaking a traffic signal, or drunk and drive, the Mumbai Police will show as if they are the most sincere and law-abiding people and will take the hell out of you, but when someone like Sushant dies, a mysterious death, the Mumbai police becomes friends of the politicians and Bollywood drug mafia trying to cover-up the virtual proofs and evidence. Thanks to the most powerful force in today’s world called the ‘Social Media’ that became the CBI right after Sushant’s death and just from videos, photos, and information available, could open the eyes of several media and people to believe that Sushant was murdered and did not commit suicide.

Bollywood & Drugs – The filthy gutter & the cockroaches

Many from this filthy film fraternity have linked Sushant’s death to “mental illness” without even realizing how patronizing it is. He was a brilliant, well-read, engineer deeply interested in philosophy and astronomy, with his home full of science memorabilia and instruments.

A close friend of mine, who happens to be the bodyguard of one of the biggest Bollywood heroes, mentioned that drugs are widespread among all the Bollywood biggies. Some of the Bollywood stars are 24×7 on drugs.

He mentioned, “you name any Bollywood star, and for sure, he or she must be taking drugs regularly or occasionally, but it is there for sure. It’s a prevalent thing in Bollywood and Mumbai’s page 3 party circuit”.

He mentioned “Rhea Chakraborty And Mahesh Bhatt shared a very intimate relationship where the old guy fancies young girls for oral sex as he is impotent himself at his age. Aspiring actresses and actors happily find the ‘laying-down’ as the fastest & simplest route to make their space in Bollywood and TV.”

Picture Source : Internet

He even mentioned the most significant example of dirty Bollywood is yesteryears superstar Jitendra’s Family. Ekta Kapoor, who is preferably a lesbian but bi-sexual occasionally, is nowadays fancying very young aged girls for her sexual pressure; I think a Pedophile is the right title for her.

Tushar Kapoor, the gay brother of lesbian Ekta, is also setting up the exemplary examples for his family name and the legacy that Jitendra built with years of hard work. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Jitendra himself is yet another Mahesh Bhatt.

Source: Internet

My friend felt privileged and happy for not being rich and famous; at least he feels grounded and attached to his inner self, cultures, traditions, and moral beliefs of understanding family, cultures, and social responsibilities. He ended by saying bhai apun garib hi bhale hai in kamino se”.

Another model friend of mine who happens to be born and raised in Colaba mentioned that the modeling field is full of Gay’s and Lesbians. Most gay fashion designers, choreographers, and model coordinators want the male models to compromise for simple modeling projects. He mentioned the names of Imam Siddique, Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Varun Bhal, Suneet Verma, and many more.

He also mentioned that sometimes we have to even offer ourselves to older adults, men, and women, both rich and powerful, and controlling the big shows and projects run by our coordinators. Even after offering ourselves, we are often not provided any work and are being used by these influential people. All of this has become very common now in our industry and we have no option but to live with it.

Rhea Chakraborty and her entire Family are very clearly involved in the murder of SSR, and the Drugs angle proves it all. As per the latest news, Rhea’s father and brother are both druggies, and hence their criminal minds worked together with Rhea to make SSR a complete drug addict, which may push him more towards extreme depression, schizophrenia, and suicidal feeling (if at all he committed suicide). Rhea is entirely responsible for Sushant’s death.

Anand Ranganathan rightly said on Twitter: “Sushant was searching for a library. in a fish market.” My views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar.

Black Magic – The dark side of Bollywood

SSR was supposedly seeing ghosts and feeling negative energies inside his flat and surroundings. Due to this reason, he moved out of this flat to a penthouse in Bandra, Mumbai.

Are these ghost stories for real? Or are just part of some black magic done on SSR? The big question is, who might have done black magic on an angel-like person SSR?

All Bollywood stars are very well acquainted and known to black magic, tantric, spells, and witchcraft. Several proven news articles on the internet about how black magic helped with careers destroyed people and proved a success for so many Bollywood biggies. Ranbir Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Katrina Kaif, Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, and many other big names keep their tantric to keep them protected from the evil eye and black magic from others.

Sushant Singh Rajput was a hardcore devotee of Lord Shiva. He would recite Mahamrityunjaya Jaap and Lord Shiva’s songs and his housemates with full energy, music, and spirits. As per his family and friend’s interviews on news channels, SSR felt very close and connected to Lord Shiva and was also willing to dedicate his entire life towards spirituality and prayers of Lord Shiva after he retired from work. It’s hard to believe that such a big believer of Lord Shiva also got spelled by black magic.

With Black Magic being so common in Bollywood, its not difficult to guess that Rhea Chakraborty definitely played her spells on SSR to strengthen his depression theory and feeling of negative energy around him. The worst part is that Rhea Chakraborty used SSR’s own money to do black magic on himself, which sounds absurd and agonizing.

Sushant’s Family – were they too disconnected with SSR?


Sushant Singh Rajput’s father K.K. Singh’s allegations and his family’s posts should also be put under social and cultural examination. A ‘witch’ and a ‘gold digger’ are routine tags given to women by typical mothers-in-law; and blaming a son’s big-city girlfriend for all that is wrong is how families cope with sons’ autonomy. Not to undermine their grief, but the way the family has reacted says a lot about the burden of being a son in a Bihari family. He has to be no less than a Shravan Kumar all his life.

Sushant’s Family needs to introduction. After SSR’s death, entire India knows how many sisters he had, where they are based, and what they do for a living. Even if eight fingers point towards Rhea Chakroborty, 2 fingers also point towards SSR’s Family being responsible for his death.

The Father – SSR’s father, K.K Singh, wasn’t very close with Sushant based on Rhea’s interview on Aaj Tak news channel. However, I feel that his father could have shown some more aggression in finding out what’s wrong with his son. He could have visited himself to Mumbai without informing Sushant or could have spoken to his sisters to take some more aggressive steps in finding out if his son is really in some trouble or maybe needs some help.

Eldest Sister – A Wife of a very senior police officer and supposedly SSR’s guide, mentor, and motherlike after his mother’s death at an early age. She knew about SSR’s depression and money-sucking girlfriend, Rhea. Why didn’t she suspect foul play in his life at a previous stage and take some more concrete and constructive steps to improvise her youngest brother SSR’s deteriorating condition? A mere police complaint does not solve a personal matter, it needs personal touch and presence.

Mitu Singh – This sister was staying with SSR during the last few days before his death. I still fail to understand how come his sister Mitu Singh is not aware of what was going on in SSR’s mind. She could have easily alarmed her other family members if Sushant was really in a suicidal depression condition. Also, why isn’t she publicly giving her statement with any news channel as done by Rhea? Is she trying to hide some facts?

Drugs – when mixed with depression, is super dangerous.

SSR was undoubtedly depressed due to the Bollywood Nepotism and lack of work. Rhea Chakroborty, as a life companion and so-called loving Girlfriend, should have diverted SSR towards spirituality, yoga, meditation, and healing therapies. But instead, she chose to be a gold-digging slut, and offer him more drugs pushing him towards more profound depression. 


While it is impossible to fact-check all these narratives, the uproar’s explanation after Rajput’s death goes beyond the standard parasocial theory. It has caught fire because of several unanswered questions. Personal reasons for his deteriorating mental health will remain unknown, but unraveling these narratives provides insights into people’s reactions to his sudden demise.

The cause of death — suicide — is, of course, salient. It is a natural human tendency to rationalize death, to affirm that nothing else could have been done to avoid it. It is challenging to process death as a “choice”, even though it never is. Research has shown that there is seldom a single reason for this act, and it leaves people, especially family and close friends, with a series of unanswered questions. It is also common for people to speculate murder, as it is difficult to accept a self-inflicted death.

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