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Suraj (Sam) Samtani is an international Writer & Editor, with articles published across medias. He is also an Academic Coach, Native English Teacher & Tutor (NET), Management & Marketing Consultant, and Award-Winning Poet.

Discover Your DJs

You may have been fans of their music, but have you ever known who are the players behind some of the great tunes at...

“Just Dance!”, says Rani Asra Gidwani

Some say dance is an art; some apply science. Some use it for a purpose; some seek it out of interest. As the prevalence...

Galaxy Gladiators Lantau

Gets Glamorous and Generous for HKT20 Blitz 2018 On the cusp of the next HKT20 Blitz season, Galaxy Gladiators Lantau have declared their determination to...

Domestic Decorations for Divali

With Divali round the corner, ADesiflava caught up with Anita Chhatpar, the connoisseur of cultural home decorations.   For over two decades, Anita Chhatpar has been...

The Race to Remove Racism

With Hong Kong appearing to be such a multicultural city, it is often hard to believe that racism still exists. Earnest efforts from individuals...

Searching for Happiness Amidst the Stress

In the storm of stress, many of us tend to lose ourselves in our desperate search of shelter. Sonia Samtani Hathiramani guides to find...

Boxing Beyond Boundaries

  Ever since Taqdeer Singh Dhillon conquered the E-1 Boxing World Championship 2017, boxing has won a new ring of followers among Hong Kongers and...

Summer Sensations for Youngsters

Adesiflava Magazines selects its picks to convert idle time into an ideal time for kids. Summer is a time when many youngsters yearn to stay...

Staying in Town for Vacations? Have a Staycation!

Special spots to spend summer time without stepping out of the city. Have you ever wished to have a holiday without traveling? The experience synonymous...

Is Your Facebook a Fakebook?

Social Media was first designed for us to express ourselves, but instead we seem to have lost our traits and tastes to our Facebook...