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Category: Beauty & Health

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Nailin’ It

By Pearly Chhabra, February 14, 2020, Categories: Beauty & Health, Slider

“Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement”, Tammy Taylor. Our hands …

Coronavirus buzz off – Love is in the air

By Pearly Chhabra, February 3, 2020, Categories: Beauty & Health, Featured, Slider

It’s been a crazy few months for the city we call ‘home’. Holed up by the fear of the dreadful …

Face Slap Shares Top 5 Makeup Looks for Halloween 2019

By Saras Tantri, October 19, 2019, Categories: Beauty & Health, Entertainment, Featured, In the Mood, Slider

It’s that time of year again when it’s totally ‘okay’ to go out into the streets and at parties painted …

Tame That Mane

By Pearly Chhabra, April 30, 2019, Categories: Beauty & Health, Featured

With the chilly winter behind us and the beach and junk boat parties beckoning us, it’s time to dress those …

Did you know that your body can self-heal?

By Angie Tourani, March 26, 2019, Categories: Beauty & Health, Featured

In all the noise of holistic health practices, there is one that is rumoured to have helped Oprah Winfrey and …

Tailoring your New Year’s Resolutions

By Komal R. Lakhani, December 30, 2018, Categories: Beauty & Health, Featured, In the Mood

New Year resolutions are a cliché, but who said clichés are bad? Making a resolution is a great way to …

Why We Fall Sick??

By Vishal Dwivedi, June 16, 2018, Categories: Beauty & Health, Featured

CHIDANAND RUPA SHIVOM SHIVOM The author before starting the topic of the article, would like to humbly thank its wise …

Homeopathy – An alternative medicine system

By Editor's Desk, November 22, 2017, Categories: Beauty & Health

Medicine dominates our life from the day we are born, knowingly or unknowingly whether it is through a saline drip …

What Time Should You Sleep?

By Editor's Desk, November 18, 2017, Categories: Beauty & Health

Is there a best time to sleep?  There is a saying that sleeping early and waking up early is good …

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