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Tame That Mane


With the chilly winter behind us and the beach and junk boat parties beckoning us, it’s time to dress those tresses. From dry to limp, our hair texture changes with the seasons and with a plethora of fancy products flooding the market, it’s challenging to pick up the right one. Beauty expert Pearly Chhabra steers us towards homemade goodness instead of chemical-laden packs for the hair.

We all love a great facial with the pack at the end that helps seal all the goodness for that lovely glow. Just like that, different hair packs stimulate different needs from nourishing hair to adding a natural shine, strength, softness, volume and even reducing and eliminating dandruff.

Have you heard of a scalp scrub? Well, I’ve been making and using one ever since I moved here from Mumbai almost seven years ago. Besides it’s detoxifying properties, it effectively stimulates the scalp and gently exfoliates the dead cells all at the same time. Just because you don’t have scalp issues doesn’t mean you don’t need it. I promise it’ll leave you feeling refreshed.

Scalp Exfoliator

Ground coffee, yogurt or coconut oil. Mix into a paste. Rub it gently in small circular motions and use a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner to rinse it off. This exfoliator not only helps in getting rid of buildup but also helps promote hair growth by stimulating the follicles. Use it once a week for amazing results.

Bust the Flakes

Apply warm coconut or olive oil mixed with lemon juice and ground fenugreek seeds to your scalp and leave for half an hour before shampooing. Apple cider vinegar (diluted with water) too makes for a wonderful after-shampoo rinse but don’t keep it on longer than 10-15 minutes before rinsing it well.

Dry Cry

Warm olive oil or coconut cream help greatly with dry hair. Leave on for 45 minutes and wash. You may use a shower cap to seal the moisture in after application. Argan oil is again an excellent source of vital nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamin E. Don’t forget to make it a part of your hair care routine.

Gimme that Shine

The humble egg is the first ingredient that comes to mind when you think of nourishment for your hair. A mega source of protein, you can mix it with some lemon juice and a ripe banana for a power packed mask. Mix well and leave on for 20-45 minutes and wash off. For my Vegetarian friends, egg can be substituted for ripe avocados mixed with yogurt and a vitamin E capsule. A cold-water rinse at the end of your shampoo- conditioner routine works wonders too.

My Mane Strength

Ah! The commercials! With hair dexterity tricks, they have their products flying off the shelves. But your mom and grandmom were right when they claimed strength comes from inside and not by piling on products. A lot of what we eat (in fact all of what we eat) reflects on our hair, skin and nails. Protein packed meals, vitamin E capsules and a nutrient rich diet can help you achieve your goals of strong hair, but I’ll leave my preaching for later! Castor oil and essential oils such as rosemary, lavender and jojoba mixed with a carrier oil help with stronger hair over time. You may cover your head with a shower cap after application.

Banish the icky sticky feeling

We live in a city where humidity levels are mostly high – lately, almost 90 percent! If you can’t handle the feeling of oiliness in the heat, you can easily substitute it with Aloe Vera gel or Cactus gel that great hair care treatments. They are light and rich in electrolytes that help hydrate your hair, reduces dandruff and prevents itching on the scalp. Must be applied on towel dried hair.

Go Green    

Did you know that green tea besides being a great antioxidant helps in curing dandruff while stimulating hair growth and working as an excellent antiseptic? It is recommended you mix the tea leaves with equal parts of honey and coconut oil for a nourishing hair mask that boosts shine and strength.

I’d like to add a ‘disclaimer’: Oil masks can be kept from anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight. The only problem you’d have to bear is the feeling of heaviness on your scalp. Since these are natural solutions, you’d need to be patient with results. I haven’t gone with exact proportions since they’d differ with hair volume, scalp condition and other factors.

Share your concerns with Pearly in the comment section below. 

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