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Face Slap Shares Top 5 Makeup Looks for Halloween 2019

By Saras Tantri, October 19, 2019, Categories: Beauty & Health, Entertainment, Featured, In the Mood, Slider

It’s that time of year again when it’s totally ‘okay’ to go out into the streets and at parties painted head to toe, wearing insane wigs, spandex suits – looking frightening or downright sexy.

Every year at Face Slap! Face and Body Painting we get requests for the latest looks, which are often inspired by movies. Here are the top 5 looks you might want to get into this year. The eclectic selection of this year’s looks are sure to make heads turn!

Wonder Woman

Who can resist the powerful beauty of Wonder Woman? The last two years have been such an incredible time for female empowerment in movies and everywhere. Go the whole way and get the look this Halloween! Start out with your usual base foundation, blush and eyeshadow. Then it’s time to amp up the details and highlights to give a real plastic sort of feel. Big false eyelashes will match the details that you will add with water-based face paint later. Be sure to add any larger surface areas of paint first with a sponge, then use a fine paintbrush to make your clean lines. If you’re nervous about the linework, practice first on your arm to gain confidence. Make sure to (very carefully) add outlines to your lip colour to really make the cartoonish effect. Be your own superheroes, the villain ain’t got nothing on this fabulous look.

Pennywise (IT)

When it comes to mastering the Halloween makeup look the balance between spooky killer look with glam and extra costumes is not a bad idea. Again, start out with foundation, it really adds to making the skin look smooth, matte and almost fake. This look has been achieved with both a red eyeshadow and red water-based face paint and lipstick. First use the paint to colour the lips and create your symmetrical lines from the corner of each side of the mouth up through the eyes. Try to ensure you have a smooth curve rather than making a directly vertical line. If you are worried about symmetry then do the left side first if you are right-handed, and the right side after, it will be easier to match with your stronger hand (vice versa if you are left-handed). Next shading – and man there is a lot of shading here that is best done patiently. Build up the shading slowly and don’t go too heavy too fast, its best to take your time. If you’re into lashes and bold eyebrows – go for this look and that is the most mesmerizing red clown nose that you’ve ever seen. Pennywise will be so proud.

The Lion King Queen

Can you feel the love tonight? We have certainly fallen in love with this take on Scar’s transformed look. As usual start with your foundation, and on the cheek area use more bronzer than you would ever have imagined putting on your jowls. This will create the stern jawline and contouring like a lions muzzle. Next use brown paint to colour your full eye area up to the eyebrow – add some eyeshadow to keep the eyelids from caking up. Lastly use your black water-based face paint to add details such as the eyebrows, eyeliner, center hairline dart and mouth. Yellow eyeliner on the water line and green contact lenses will go a long way here.

Genie (Aladdin)

Who said blue is too much? Stand out with this unique and classic Aladdin look. Ditch your comfort Halloween go to makeup and opt for this one and you won’t regret it. Just make sure you get the little details right, like the darker blue eyeshadow and lipstick, golden wristbands and chain so it is clear you are a genie, and not a very tall Smurf!

Joker – this season’s hottest pick!

Gutted that you have no reason to go out with this killer look? Now you do. Joker is no doubt one of the most enduring and iconic characters for Halloween, and we are absolutely spoilt for choice these days since there is new inspiration around every corner. It’s a perfect look to unleash your inner goth, feel intimidated by the dark eyeshadow, pop out green eyebrows and top it all with green hair. The fun thing about this look is that you can really mix and match and still be recognizable as the joker. Have fun.

Subtle is so last year, it’s time to create to recreate some of our top 2019 Halloween makeup looks and don’t forget to tag us at @faceslap and be sure to turn some heads!

If you don’t fancy doing it yourself then get in touch and have one of our amazing artists come do a home visit this Halloween for you and your friends.  /  /  +852 5372 1406 / +852 8193 2472

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