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Category: Buzz-In-Town

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Diwali Beats with The Zero Point at Tamarind!

By Editor's Desk, November 5, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Featured

Tamarind Pan-Asian Restaurant is proud to present Diwali Beats with The Zero Point on the 10th of November (Saturday). An …

HK Indians pay homage to Atal Bihari Vajapayee

By Editor's Desk, August 17, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town

The Art of being ATAL! “मौत खड़ी थी सर पर इसी इंतजार में थी ना झूकेगा ध्वज मेरा 15 अगस्त …

‘Durga – The Courage’ an exhibition of artworks by Asmi Udassi

By Editor's Desk, August 12, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town

An exhibition of Artworks by Asmi Udassi using ‘Maa Durga’ as a metaphor for Courage.  Maa Durga is also identified as …

The Must Have Smartphone Apps

By Ananya Mishra, August 9, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Featured

For iPhone and Android users the best Hong Kong smartphones apps that will help make life easier. From a translator …

6 Websites To Compare The Cost Of Overseas Money Transfer

By Editor's Desk, July 24, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Featured

Whether you are a businessman or an individual transferring money overseas. Speed, Fees, FX margins and reliability are a few …

Tacit Knowledge

By Jitendra Bhojwani., July 14, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Top Story

We know more than we can tell One of the essential managerial terms that are gaining a wide popularity in …

Salman Khan – Being Human or Inhuman?

By Editor's Desk, April 6, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Featured

The story of Salman’s hit & run case in 2002, innocent Ravindra Patil, a police constable paid for his sin. …

A-Desiflava Magazine – Now at your Doorstep with a Privilege Card

By Editor's Desk, February 15, 2018, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Top Story

6 Print Issues of Magazine delivered to your doorstep + 1 Privilege Card which lets you enjoy great discounts and …

Galaxy Gladiators Lantau

By Suraj Samtani, November 18, 2017, Categories: Buzz-In-Town

Gets Glamorous and Generous for HKT20 Blitz 2018 On the cusp of the next HKT20 Blitz season, Galaxy Gladiators Lantau …

Embracing Racial Equality

By Editor's Desk, September 28, 2017, Categories: Buzz-In-Town

On March 21 each year, the world celebrates the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This commemoration, which was …

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