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Digital discrimination: Food, clothes, Shelters and Gadgets


Our old and wise people used to say that life’s basic necessities are Food, Clothes, and Shelter. If you have these, your life becomes easy, but there is a new necessity for life since the Twentieth Century began. These are gadgets without them, and life is incomplete. It has come up to such a situation that survival of the entire human race is possible without basic needs. Still, machines and technology are inseparable” NO gadgets NO life” is the new anthem. At our fingertips, this 5-inch world can give us whatever we ask. It’s like the air we breathe and a must for survival.

Being a modern age parent, I always try to be an advanced and technologically updated mother. To keep up with my new generation kids, we as their guide need to know even minute details about the latest gadgets and gizmos. Things are getting out of our hands when gadget friends overtake our kid’s world and dance to their beats like puppets. Little minds can’t take up the excitement and thrill of being outstanding gamers. Occasionally, I heard my kids whispering about games like Minecraft, Roblox, Among us, and God knows many more. It sounded like an alien language though, I try my very best with all my efforts to understand the whereabouts of this ongoing trend. Younger kids turn down books and outdoor games for this so-called gadgetry gaming and remain indoors most of their days.

Recent epidemic blow even has an accumulative effect on this digital abduction of our kids. Knowingly or unknowingly, parents find themselves responsible for the so-called mental disturbance and inactive physical status of kids. They seem glued to their technical devices as of there is nothing beyond these virtual worlds. This massive negative impact and the influence on our kids worry me. The youngsters are under tremendous digital discrimination as they tend to forget their daily routines and outdoor activities, which are performed on a zero basis.

Our journey from ‘Hide and Seek’ to ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Kho Kho’ to ‘Roadblock’ has come a long way. Technically, we are on a prosperous path, but the technological era has helped us move closer to the future. But, while we look at it as a boon, it is also a curse. It has made our lives easier in many ways, but we have also become entirely dependent on it. It changes the way we live, influences how we behave and alters the way we think. You can only imagine the implications it would have on our children.

The central question knocking outdoor currently is how these habits buildup amongst our kids. Numerous distractions surround this young generation. They are overly intelligent, active, and always ready to learn. Most of their free time, they are exposed constantly to TV,iPad, or Mobiles.

These gadgets or machine monsters usually preoccupy their fragile minds, and drastic technological innovation had somehow taken over their lives. Let’s look at some of the causes why the situation is a critical attention-needed topic.

The first and foremost reason I could look upon is Parents’ busy schedules due to survival necessity. Both father and mother are frequently active and couldn’t give ample time to their kids. They think mobiles and TV can provide enough knowledge and companionship to kids. They will be busy and sometimes earning wisdom, but gradually kids have become habitual, and their so-called modern pacifiers become an absolute pleasure for them. This miraculous world of virtual games and unlimited accessibility finally overtakes every part of their little minds. It is attractive and enjoyable at the same time.

Some kids also earn a particular social status, and the challenges of virtual games give them a good dose of excitement and anticipation. They connect themselves to the characters and situations and overcome their inhibitions through these gadgets and gizmos. Also noticeable that youngsters get attracted to social sites. This insatiable hunger for self-appreciation leads them to be active on various social sites like FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The list is long. In the long term, this habit has psychological effects and makes them vulnerable to depression, anxiety disorders.

I find while traveling on trains or buses people are completely submerged in their mobiles, all glued to this 5-inch world. It is a worldwide issue now. The future upholds a bitter reality that our kids are going away from real life and living a reel life. So as parents I would like to just provide some information and insight to minimize the side effects of this digital abduction of our kids. Let’s have a look at what we can do as caretakers.

In my personal experience as a teacher, I have had parents telling me that they would prefer to not let their children own their own mobile phones until they are old enough. As a parent, they have mentioned that would consider the purpose of a gadget before they buy it for their children Gadgets have a massive negative effect on children today. Children show aggressive behavior when the gadgets are taken away. Also, recent articles have me insight into the other obsessive signs developing among kids. Their behavioral aggression can lead to some drastic implications for example childhood obesity and constant energy level breakdowns. Less concentration and an unhealthy approach to life are also available visible negative impacts. To keep our kids safeguard and healthy we need to have a positive approach.

Another problematic aspect of screens is that they have been shown to disrupt sleep. The blue light emitted by the super-sharp displays can interfere with our natural bodily rhythms, preventing melatonin, an important sleep hormone, from being released. It could, in turn, lead to sleep impairments in children. Hours of background TV have also been found to reduce child-parent interaction, which harms language development. And this displacement is a big concern: if kids are left with screen-based babysitters, they do not interact with caregivers and the physical world. There are only so many hours in a day, and the time spent with screens comes at the expense of other, potentially better, activities. Younger children, in particular, need a balance of activities, including day-to-day activities in sports or any other field, exploring the natural environment, manipulating physical toys, and socializing with other children and grown-ups. The rise in screen use means less of all these things.`

So let’s discuss some available options that we can take over to affect our younger generation positively. The parents, although busy, should spend time with their kids, treat them as friends, and share all of their self-acclaimed wisdom with kids. Children will always gravitate toward the modeled behavior of their parents. If they see you reading a book, they are more likely to read, but if they see you watching television, so will they. It is your job to encourage healthy behavior and limit unhealthy ones. Sometimes this could mean making unpopular decisions. Even try to make these decisions challenging to your children and explain why you have decided. This could help them follow through and someday choose for themselves.

Setting Limitations for screen viewing time is one option that can lead to restricted monitor views. Another most crucial step that we can take is to create technology-free corners in our homes. Let the kids do their favorite activities like playing, drawing or singing, etc., divert their brains towards something positive. Also, physical outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and sightseeing are other available options to channelize kid’s energy to a productive destination. Set time table weekly for the betterment of their daily routines. Spend time with kids sharing your childhood stories with them to inspire and understand life. Your valuable experience is like a treasure for them.

With these options as a progressive country, Hong Kong offers various outdoor activities courses and workshops for young kids including, languages, arts, music learning, cooking, and baking.

Keep the kids away from gadgets can be a great escape and a healthy lifestyle. Things can take a sharp turn when parents set examples for kids, all can enjoy weekends with exciting activities. Following are some of the available options you can check out for enrollment. A helpful link below can provide a wide variety of self-learning and healthy workouts.

Kids Yoga :


Kids Candle-Making Classes : 

Another option is candle-making classes, famous among kids and the following details may help you.

BeCandle :

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Kids Painting :


“Creativity takes courage”, Henri Matisse, a French painter who was the leader of the Fauvist movement.

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Several other options available are enlisted for your reference purpose only.



“Hopefully, my write-up can bring awareness and understanding among few families. My purpose will be fulfilled even if one or two families can channel their kid’s energy and enthusiasm in the right and positive direction. Keep reinventing and Learning. Life is the best teacher, so be a good student. Till next time, Keep going cause you grow through what you go through.” – Manju Mishra

Happy creative days ahead.

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Manju Mishra

MANJU Mishra is a writer with a positive outlook on life. A dedicated teacher and mother of two kids I am a Homemaker Born with hobbies such as singing the life away when not singing trying to catch little precious moments with my positive Lens. My poetry too always look on bright side of life.

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  1. It’s a very useful message to all modern parents. It reminds us to tune our life towards a healthier and better way. Great thanks to Manju!


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