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Covid-19 & The New Normal in Interior Designing


Covid-19 has undoubtedly led to a revolution of sorts in terms of the way we function. The pace at which we have been compelled to adapt to change is unprecedented, be it in terms of understanding and adapting to technology, to the way we socialise (or the lack of it) to how we visualize ideal homes and interiors.

For long, professionally designed interiors have been perceived as a luxury. If anything, now the consumers are experiencing first-hand what the true value of an enjoyable and functional home is. With homes suddenly transforming into ‘all-in-one’ zones for work and workouts, schooling and play, and just about anything else, thoughtfully and purposely designed spaces could empower dwellers towards a new way of life and work. Uber functional and multi-purpose designs and layouts could well be the focal point for upcoming renovations or even new residential developments.

Here’s our take on how interior designs for residences and commercial spaces are likely to evolve in the coming times.  

Multi-purpose Spaces & Furniture Choices

Work-from-home is slowly becoming a norm. Many of us are struggling with making a clear distinction between work and living spaces, making it difficult to switch from one role to another. This is especially true for smaller homes where a designated office space may not be an option. 

Versatile spaces and a touch of creativity could help—such as set-ups enabling an office in the day and a bedroom in the evening arrangements. Multi-use furniture pieces combined with appropriate lighting and soundproofing can do wonders towards creating the right work (or study) environment.

Reconfiguring the Home Layout 

Identify potential for reconfigurations. Families working from home with kids might be interested in spaces that could unite or separate as needed, or features that could improve parents’ ability to teach their children from home. Parents of young children might want to create a fun yet educational play nooks in case external playrooms may not be their first choice.

The future may also have us reconsidering our home layout towards a closed internal scheme instead of open plans. For instance, conventionally closed kitchens may once again emerge as the preferred choice over open ones.

Nature & Greenery

Creating our very own sanctuary with tones of nature by using natural wood finishes or creating green corners with indoor plants. Whether at home or in the workplace, we can find simple ways to stay connected with ‘outdoor’ elements. They not only produce fresh and positive vibes but also double up as natural and in-built air purification systems. 

Paint-away the Blues 

Picasso said, ‘Colours, like features, follow the changes of emotions’. Grappling with the change, we often find ourselves seeking comfort in all forms possible. And if something as simple as painting our walls the right colour and shade can make a difference, then nothing like it!

Renters could aim for similar effects through accessories; for example a small dosage of yellow and orange to uplift the general mood of the space.

Go antimicrobial

Antimicrobial products like copper, copper alloys, antimicrobial coatings, and finishes are witnessing a rise in demand because of their ability to self-sterilize. While such products have been in the market for long and were once widely used in fixtures and fittings such as doorknobs, handles, taps, etc., they were gradually replaced with cheaper material options like aluminum, steel, and plastic among others. Their inclusion in spaces in addition to hospitals and schools (currently) may now become a norm rather than an anomaly. 

Re-imagining Technology for Office & Commercial Spaces 

Innovative technologies to enable social distancing and limit contact points are being rapidly adopted. 

Restaurants are promoting ‘contactless dining’ through partitioned spaces and specially-designed pods. Installation of UV disinfection lamps to eliminate viruses and bacteria is being looked into. In-built air-shower booths are being deployed at entrances of commercial centers to blow off airborne pollutants or germs.

App or voice-controlled functions to operate doors and lifts in commercial buildings will be explored, along with face-recognition technology looking to replace fingerprint validations. 

Coronavirus crisis will leave its imprint on how we design our spaces going forward. While commercial and public spaces will be addressed with a new awareness of personal safety concerns; for homes, there will be increased efforts towards making them beautiful yet functional to support both family and work requirements. Trust us, this could pretty much be the trigger to get started with the renovation project you’ve been wanting for long.

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