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Happy Independence Day


The beautiful morning started with hoisting the tricolour at the 73rd Independence Day celebration hosted by the Consul General of India Hong Kong, Mrs. Priyanka Chauhan.

There’s no better way to start the day than standing for the national anthem with the ‘tiranga’ flying proudly under the blue sky. Decked up in saffron, white and green, Bharat Bhavan welcomed the Indian community for the celebrations. Guests arrived in formal traditional attire for the special day.

The flag hoisting was followed by cultural performances by talented young students and adults from all the diverse communities of India. The performances instilled a strong feeling on patriotism in the hearts of the audience.

From patriotic songs – in Hindi and regional languages to the dances (including the brilliant yoga dance) and the superb Punjabi martial arts – everything kept the audience in awe. It was heartwarming to see so many parents keeping the Indian culture and patriotism alive by encouraging children to participate in community events. We wish you a very Happy Independence Day!

Photos by Krishna Shah

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Brinda Khandwala

Brinda Khandwala

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