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Here’s to the New

By Meenakshi Gupta, December 5, 2019, Categories: Edutainment, Featured, In the Mood, Slider

The new year is upon us. And it’s that time of the year again when we make the ‘self-improvement’ resolutions that we ardently follow through January, start cheating on by February and forget about by May! Meenakshi Gupta skips the more obvious ones like eating healthy, working out and keeping in touch with family for the more fun ones that one just may see all the way through. Some make sense for a better future while others are simply to keep the joy rolling through 2020…

Limited Wardrobe Access

Pick ten outfits from your wardrobe and stick to only those for a whole month – be is a work meeting or a friend’s party, you’re not allowed to use anything beyond those ten. Have fun with mixing and matching, accessorising differently and dressing it up or down as needed. Make it a good mix of basic must-haves with some interesting pieces. The future really needs the ‘less is more’ philosophy in fashion where we buy and consume more mindfully.

Art from the Heart

Create some art for your home wall – a cross-stitched patch, a painting, a wooden sculpture… anything that you learn to make yourself. Do as many trials and errors as needed until you’re happy with the results and are ready to display it proudly. It will also make a great conversation piece at your next home gathering.

The Book Challenge

Have a friend or your partner pick a book for you. Commit to finishing it. you can do the same for them. It’s a great way to get yourself to read something out of your usual genre. You may end up with some fresh new perspectives. This is one activity you can do every few months with different friends. And by the end of the year, you’ll have a whole lot of different books.

Pet or Plant

Nurture life – adopt a rescued animal. If that’s too much, grow a plant. Any form of life that you take responsibility of and care for. If its too much of a commitment, pick a prickly succulent – the easiest to care for. (And no, the children or the lizard in the bathroom don’t count)!

The Cocktail Connoisseur

Master a bar cocktail to perfection. Source all the exact ingredients, learn the recipe to the T and practice it well. Tasting along the way it going to be a whole lot of fun! And at the next house party, you can do a whole pomp and show with your signature welcome drink!

The New You

Try a whole new look – the bolder the better. Men – grow a beard (or shave it off if you have one). Fashion a handlebar moustache. Get highlights in the hair. Women can do that one too. Or get bangs. Go with a totally different hair colour, or just a streak. Have fun with the new look. Enjoy the feedback. Don’t take it to seriously, its just hair, it’ll grow back.

Gastronomical Experiments

Get that adventurous friend to join you for this one. Once a month, go to a bar or restaurant and order the fanciest item on the menu. See what’s the fuss about. If nothing else, you’ll have a great story to regale. And you may discover ‘Aubergine Parmigiana’ is nothing but baigan with cheese!

Friendlier New Year

Befriend someone totally new. A supportive parent at your kid’s school, a friendly waitress at your regular cafe, the old man you often meet in the building elevator, the lady who sits next to you on the MTR… Don’t be the creepy stranger who wants to exchange numbers! Just a friendly face who spreads cheer along the day.


Be a part of a cause – start it, join it… whatever works for you. There is enough goodness going around, be a part of it. A beach clean-up, volunteering at a pet shelter, bringing hot meals for the needy. A little good will feel a whole lot amazing!

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I came to Hong Kong 12 years ago - a trailing spouse with a two year old daughter and an infant son in tow. As they've grown and become independent and self sufficient over the years, so have I. My writings, sketching and paintings all reflect this growth and maturity. I'm now exploring new horizons with my writing, poetry and learning Cantonese. I hope the future is just as exciting as the present.

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