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Zooba Bar & Grill Restaurant: A Little Piece of Egypt in Hong Kong

By Reshma Rohra, January 31, 2019, Categories: Reviews, Uncategorized

Get ready to embark on a flavourful journey into the mystical land of Egypt right here in Hong Kong. It was love at first sight with Zooba Bar & Grill! What first caught my eye was the amazingly done interior décor at the restaurant. Right from its classy foyer to artsy candle-lit tables and magnificent Moroccan lanterns, every corner gives a spectacular Middle Eastern Vibe. Especially tiny details like the staff members adorned their polite attire with a belly dancing belt and the authentic earthen cutlery they served, beautifully added to the feel. I could see all the effort that went in creating this piece of art.

Magical Evenings at Zooba

Already impressed by the ambience, I decided to begin with a drink as Zooba is known for its cocktail concoctions. I ordered their signature Zooba Zooba – a citrusy Vodka mix with Blue Curacao. Refreshing indeed! If you wish to unwind better, you can call for a Shisha. They offer an array of interesting flavours.

Zooba Zooba – The Signature Cocktail with Tangy Olives

Next came the Chef’s special, Vegetarian Mezze – the best of their appetizers on one platter. 9 small portions of different Egyptian Dips, Falafel, Cheese-filled Cigars and salad served with Pita Bread. What a delight it was! My taste-buds were jumping with joy on every bite. Tip: Order extra bread, one is not enough with this rich platter. My favourite from the dips were Babaganoush and Zaaluk.They also serve these as a separate dish.

Vegetarian Mezze – A Must Try!
Falafel Tagine with Couscous

From main course menu, I ordered Falafel Tagine. Tagine is a traditional stew slow-cooked in an earthen pot. Falafel Tagine consists of crispy kebabs in a rich tangy curry. The aroma was fantastic as it came served in clay cutlery. Tagine can be accompanied with either Rice or Couscous. To have a complete authentic experience, I ordered Couscous and it was perfect. 

Located on the lively Hart Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui, this restaurant is a cozy place with small tables for 2 & 4 people and a couple of big ones. It’s an ideal spot to chill with your friends on a Friday or Saturday evening. The service is great and the staff is well-informed. If you ask them for a recommendation on what to eat or drink, they will give you a precise answer based on your taste. To sum it up, Zooba Bar & Grill offers such an appealing variety of delicacies that a single trip to this place is not enough. You have to keep visiting it until you have tasted all of their food and then maybe again to relive this wonderful experience.

A-Desiflava’s most recommended dishes are:

Hummus with Lamb Chunks
Vegetarian Mezze
Pita Basket
Falafel Tagine
Chicken in White Wine
Baklava Pastries
Zooba Zooba (Cocktail)

Average Price for 2 persons: 600-800$ (Excluding Shisha)

Food: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Location: 5/5

Want to visit Zooba Bar & Grill:

G/F, SOHO Tower, 25 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Zooba Bar & Grill Restaurant was visited by A-Desiflava’s food reviewer on 30th January 2019 at 7 pm.

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