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A Walk-Through the Affordable Art Fair

By Meenakshi Gupta, May 18, 2019, Categories: Buzz-In-Town, Entertainment, Featured

Beauty, they say, lies in the eye of the beholder. Art even more so, and it lies in the heart and mind as well. True art leaves a lasting impression, makes one think, ponder or get uncomfortable but the definition may differ for different people.

Affordable Art Fair currently oin at the HKCEC (until Sunday, 19th May) gives everyone a chance to just admire and buy art, take numerous photos (selfies if you will), interact with gallery owners and a few artists and generally soak in the creative atmosphere. Most installations are huge and better suited for hotel lobbies and clubs, but several artists also do a few small pieces (1’X 1’) which can make welcome additions to any home.

I am naturally drawn to vibrant colours and happy pieces – thus it was but inevitable that I found myself staring at Yuki Ideguchi’sPhoenix. At Artglorieux, Tokyo.

Another defining work was Volker Kuhn at Galerie Artima, Paris. Hand torn, coloured and assembled the result was something to stop and stare at! The gallery owner explained the painstaking process used by his artist in his lilting French accent.

I had another engaging conversation with a Korean lady at Regina Gallery, Seoul. I was fascinated by the Jeju series of artist Baek Seol A.

At Gallery Jeeum, Seoul again I found something exceptional – Painting sculpture – it’s neither it’s both!  The idea is to throw a shadow on the wall. They’ve already sold 5 pieces on the first day and people are flocking to buy these unique pieces.

And speaking of unique – Bejamin Pietri’s work at Galerie Barrou Planquart is worth a dekko. Collectible Star war figurines paired with real insects of matching colours mounted entomologically. It doesn’t get more science and science fiction than this! And we are talking art, right! Mind-blowing sums it up!

There are some works of art which force you to think of the artist’s vision and effort they put in while there is some which you just want to take home. Affordable Art Fair has both!

Today at the HKCEC from 11 am to 7 pm. 

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Meenakshi Gupta

I came to Hong Kong 12 years ago - a trailing spouse with a two year old daughter and an infant son in tow. As they've grown and become independent and self sufficient over the years, so have I. My writings, sketching and paintings all reflect this growth and maturity. I'm now exploring new horizons with my writing, poetry and learning Cantonese. I hope the future is just as exciting as the present.

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