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Covid battle: Women warriors fight Back


Being a woman, A dedicated teacher, and a mother of two grown-up kids, I analyze this current situation through the eyes of an independent and responsible human being. Many of my beloved friends and their families couldn’t make it, and the covid wave took away their sustainability and well-balanced social life. Going through last year, beginning of March 2020, the situation was still in control, but the upcoming months brought overwhelming changes to our lives.

For me, it was a steady-state going downstream, as my job is to educate little kids, the Coronavirus transmitted not only infection but a decline in the number of students day by day. So my professional front was going weaker day by day. My home situation was under control, and kids were always grounded along with other family members. We have a prompt response towards Corona, and somehow, all our Indian community was dealing with this inappropriate phase of our life. The social distance and restricted life were not easy to deal with; As a woman physically and mentally, this pandemic attack was unexplainable. Some of my friends were facing anxiety and stress disorders.

A precautionary stage of depression accompanies a stressful life, and women were fighting this covid demon physically and mentally. As the backbone of our family, we have to remain strong and healthy.

When your mind stops working, it starts developing a plan to feed upon negativity and dark thoughts. The demons of pessimistic thoughts and future insecurity were slowly possessing. As a well-known fact, there is no quick fix available shortly, and especially the females are going through a tornado of unemployment, domestic violence, and loss of individuality.

With increased home-related issues, caring for kids, and remote working environments, all the correlated problems serve as a perfect battleground for our warriors at the home front.

As per recent research done by various bloggers, there is a massive decline in female fraternity employment and healthcare facilities. The advanced graph is slipping down due to a lack of financial, Emotional, and Mental support from family and society.

During a meeting with one of my old friends, I realized how this sudden pause in our lives put us through emotional and spiritual turmoil. This lady was doing office work as a marketing consultant in an advertising firm. Alarmingly in starting phase, her working hours cut down, and slowly the situation moved to a digital platform where the performance further deteriorated, and finally, she landed unemployed. While this makes her psychologically weak, her kid demands a more caring and energetic mother. She tried her best, but then suddenly her husband was on the verge of losing job done was going low due to financial pressure .this woman also argued s and regular domestic encounters. I was shocked by the negativity surrounding her day by day.

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As born warriors, women have to fight male discrimination, social restrictions, gender differences, and another addition is the Covid situation. All our previous wars were well fought and won with self-respect and a positive approach. The recession of female fraternity has started already as there is a noticeable decline in women employment opportunities. The new social distance and restricted lifestyle further add up on stacked problems. I remember the lines “Everything is not okay, but I am Okay with everything” while moving ahead as a survivor.

So, we as women need to fight this covid battle with full form and strong desire. Our professional and home front demand a stable and sustainable system; We need to fight negativity, darkness, and pessimism. Winning this battle is necessary, but it should be done to bring a bright and hopeful future. Our social security is in our hands, and as a helping hand to my woman warriors, I started writing some inspirational quotations; and for me, my words are my strength, and I firmly believe my encouraging and supportive write-ups would give a call to all my woman warriors and provide them with a synergy of self-care and bold stand.

For reference, we can consider an article by unwomen.org, States that, For countless women in economies of every size, along with losing income, unpaid care and domestic work burden has exploded. While everyone is facing unprecedented challenges, women bear the brunt of the economic and social fallout of COVID-19. The figures AND facts only confirm the female population’s current status facing and fighting day today battles at workplaces and even their homes becomes a struggle ground. Time and again, feminists have proven they can confront any challenge. As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, the expertise, innovation, and dedication of the global feminist movement provides hope that we can emerge with a more vital, more just, and equal world (as stated by IWHC ). The International Women’s Health Coalition is an active organization collecting donations and supporting women and girls.

In conclusion, I would like to remind my fellow females that we are the epitome of immense strength and agility; Indian culture depicts us As the creators, and all mothers can conquer the world. So let’s make our lives better and beautiful. Just be strong and courageous like every bad phase this too shall pass. We are created to create a new life as Mother and as protectors to keep our generations safe. COVID-19 is rolling back on women’s economic gains of past decades unless we act now and act deliberately. Our present actions decide our future.

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Manju Mishra

Manju Mishra

MANJU Mishra is a writer with a positive outlook on life. A dedicated teacher and mother of two kids I am a Homemaker Born with hobbies such as singing the life away when not singing trying to catch little precious moments with my positive Lens. My poetry too always look on bright side of life.

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