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Numerologically 2020

By Sanjay B Jumaani, December 23, 2019, Categories: Entertainment, Featured, In the Mood, Slider, Top Story

Ace Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani, shares the 2020 forecast by decoding the significance of the number and its impact on the world.

Shree Ganesh

‘It’s not rebels that make trouble, but the trouble that makes rebels’’ ~ Ruth Messinger

Introduction: 2020=4, Uranus (Rahu); Expansive, but Expensive!

Expect unconventionality, originality, breakthroughs but avoid disputes! Another year speedily goes by ushering in a turn of not only another year, but also the last year of the decade. 

Flashback ’19:  Before we get into what 2020 has in store, a little flashback on ‘19…

While we’ve entered our 73rd (7 + 3= 1, Sun) year of India’s Independence, let’s reminisce our 72nd (7 + 2= 9) year which was fairly decent as we expected it to be. Despite the unhealthy world economic state prevailing, things went as predicted – SENSEX & NIFTY touched an all-time high in its 72nd (9) year in 2019 (3) for India (3) as 3,6,9 form a family!

At the same time, we had warned you that 2019=12; India adds to 12 too, an octave of 3 known for sacrifice, whereas Bharat adds to 15 (6), a more peaceful and prosperous form of 6.

As per Numerology, ‘12’ symbolizes suffering and anxiety of the mind. It is also indicated as ‘The Sacrifice’ or ‘The Victim’ and generally foreshadows one being sacrificed for the plans or intrigues of others.

No wonder, in 2019 (12) we experienced sacrifices due to the intrigues of others, right from the beginning of the year Pulwama attacks, the Sri Lankan Mosque attacks or the Saudi oil strikes, further leading to atrocities on a global scale.

As a matter of fact, Trump’s USA and China had gotten into bitter quarrels, due to which the whole world is still reeling in recession! 

Hence, we warned you not to write 2019 (12) & write ‘19 (1) instead, a superior form of Number 1, Sun (leadership).

For the last 4 years since we started our YouTube annual forecast, we had predicted something nobody had even passed a fleeting reference – the weather! 

While we had said 2016=9, Mars that is fiery Red, so shall be one of the hottest years. Ditto was said of 2017=1, Sun that’s fiery too!

The global heat record had been broken and each month was the hottest recorded month in history!

But for 2018, our take was that though we will still have to pay the price of Global Warming, the redeeming part is 2018=2 (Moon), so we may expect some respite from the rising temperatures as Moon is Lunar, not Solar. In fact, many countries witnessed cold waves and it didn’t turn out to be as hot as ‘16 & ‘17!

But our take for ’19 was- “2019=3, Jupiter that’s gaseous and has heavy rains, is basically turbulent, stormy, whirlpool of wind. One can conclude a windy and stormy year beckoning us! Expect the weather Gods to be extreme”

Exactly this is what happened as we experienced record shattering monsoon in 25 years, which lasted much longer than usual (October), especially in India (12) as we again get 3, Jupiter by Her name!

Also, according to even Indian Astrology, we were in Samvat 2075 (14); Kerala that’s facing the brunt of storms and floods since past 2 years adds to 14 too, meaning of which in Numerology is – ‘This number denotes movement, danger from natural forces, such as tempests, water, air, or fire. This number is fortunate for dealings with money, speculation, but there is always a strong element of risk and danger attached to it’.

Additionally, much before the start of ’19, we had predicted that New Delhi’s Toxic Air Quality would worsen

’20 Weather-

2020 adds to 4, which is an ‘extreme’ number. Not just that, Uranus is a weather-extreme planet too. Being the coldest planet in our Astronomy, and as per Astrology, it implies the presence of water and ice, tagged along with winds and storms, since it is a gaseous planet. 

Owing to which, we may see a much colder and windier year majorly, than the preceding ones.

Although Uranus is quite distant from the Sun, it has a hot interior which generates heat despite all the ice formation. And hence we may notice drastic variations and extreme weather this year. Meaning, the cold regions could get colder while the warm, much hotter!

Numbers don’t lie. We experienced the same extremities in 2011 as well. 

Scientists had claimed that 2011 was the year marked by maximum climatic variations. Considering the nature of Uranus, likewise for 2020, it could be extreme too. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, this time at least!

Super 33 Predictions of ’19-

Apart from the Weather, following 33 predictions were made last year that turned out bang on- 

1) Our title Simmba with an extra ‘M’ to shine at the Box Office.

2) King of Komedy Kapil Sharma who was in depression shall bounce back!

3) Yet again a Bigg Boss Winner was predicted by us. Dipika Kakar was picked among 12 contestants.

4) New Delhi and NCR’s toxic Air Quality and Hailstorm

5) Gully Boy to win more awards than rewards as opposed to Simmba

6) Supreme Court’s Verdict to favour Cricketer, Sreesanth

7) Akshay Kumar’s ‘Kesari’ as well as BJP’s colour, Kesari to shine in ’19

8) Good year for our client, Mukesh Ambani was predicted days before Mumbai Indians IPL victory

9) Client, Ajay Devgn’s De De Pyaar De to be a hit!

10) Narendra Modi becoming PM again, predicted this time too!

11) SENSEX & NIFTY to hit an all-time high!

12) Sallu’s Bharat to do great business at the Box Office. It grossed over 325 Crs worldwide.

13) Kabir Singh to be Shahid Kapoor’s highest grosser!

14) Gold shall touch an all-time high

15) Super 30 to gather a Super Response

16) India, Australia and England to be the Top 3 Finalists in World Cup ’19

17) Client, Rohit Sharma to have a great 33rd Year, predicted way before, on his birthday. He not only broke many records and lifted IPL ’19, but was also the highest scorer for India at the World Cup

18) Tennis Star Djokovic to defeat the favourite, Fedrer and pick his 5th Wimbledon Title!

19) Heavy Rains, Cyclones and Thunderstorms world over, including India that received its highest rainfall

20) Our title, Batla House to be John Abraham’s biggest hit

21) Mangal governed, Akshay Kumar’s Mission Mangal to launch with flying colours, becoming his biggest hit!

22) Saand Ki Aankh to hit the Bull’s Eye!

23) Friend and client, Ekta Kapoor’s Dream Girl to go on a Dream Run!

24) Hrithik and Tiger’s film, War to be explosive at the Box Office!

25) Out of form, Hrithik Roshan, a No. 1, to make a strong comeback in his 46th Year. 46 adds to 1 too. 
Forget Comeback, he made a grand entry in the 300 Crore club for the first time!

26) Despite all film critics ripping off the film, we had predicted that Housefull 4 shall remain houseful in the cinema halls!

27) Follower and friend, Nikkhil Advani’s Marjaavaan (with 2 extra A’s) not only did well, but also became Siddharth Malhotra’s highest grosser!

28) The film Pagalpanti will live up to its name. Box Office mein bhi Pagalpanti macha di. It unfortunately flopped, as predicted.

29) Who could imagine that despite Fadnavis sworn in as CM, Udhhav Thackeray will prove our prediction right by dramatically becoming the Maharashtra CM?  

30) ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’ this title shall once again bring in Moolah for Bollywood; It also became a follower, Kartik Aryan’s highest grosser. Do you know he was Kartik Tiwari before? Lots in a name!

31) Panipat shall fight a losing battle. Unfortunately, it was a washout.

32) 2019, meaning Number 12. ‘World ke 12 bajaayega’!

33) Ayushmann Khurrana ducked the date. 08/11, when demonetization happened; nor did Thugs of Hindostan survive 8/11!

Bala that adds to 7, one of Ayushmann’s lucky numbers, was pre-released on a Thursday, the 7th too!

About ’20-

Now what does 2020 look like or have in store for us is something most of us want to know!

As per Numerology, 2020=4, Uranus (Rahu), a Planet known for its unconventionalities. It lends originality, but being different has its own flip sides! Lots of inventions were possible due to eccentric thinking, but every fact of a new discovery was sometimes ridiculed!

And being expansive comes at a cost, which can sometimes be expensive too!

Unfortunately, Uranus represents all unusual aspects in life. It symbolizes inventive power, rebellion, change, tension and revolution.

On the positive note, expect progress and breakthroughs in the fields of science, research, (R&D), occult & mystic sciences, (Numerology, Astrology etc) spiritualism, advanced inventions, electricity, medicine, IT Sector, computers, internet, telephone (4G shall be passé!), Apps (Hence we shall launch our own Jumaani App this year!) engineering, Gadgets & electronics, electric cars & bikes, creative fields, entertainment, music, art, radio, television, aviation, education, thought-transference, inventions relating to the air and air travel, telepathy, teaching, photography, media, Law, accountancy, or any concentrated or creative study or line of work, where the ‘mental’ aspect comes into play.

The other side of Uranus-Negatives:

On the flip side, being too original also makes a person appear eccentric! Kishore Kumar, a No. 4 (04/8) was a perfect role model to describe this. No. 4 also can make a person aloof from others, and cause mix-ups.

In China, ’13’ is considered inauspicious so much that they have stopped issuing cars with No. 13 in the nameplate; most of their buildings don’t have 13th floor (like the Bombay Stock Exchange back home) and many buildings abroad too. 

Many streets in foreign countries do not have 13th street or 13th Avenues! 

Now you would think that’s going too far, but not many are aware that many of the Airlines world over have seat No. 13! 

So, one must avoid arguments, disputes and dodge controversies. Or else lawyers could have a busy year; and may not need to exactly ‘solicit’ for work in 2020! 

Uranus is not on the materialistic plane, hence usually No 4’s are usually spendthrifts; do keep an eye on savings!

The meaning of 22 (2020)-

‘This number is symbolized by – a good man blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back full of errors’. In this picture he appears to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger which is attacking him. It is a warning number of illusion and delusion a good person who lives in a fool’s paradise, a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger. It is also a number of false judgments owing to the influence of others.’

Hence, don’t write 2020; write ‘20 instead that’s though not on a materialistic plane and is more spiritual, it’s way better than writing 2020!

One must guard against conmen, don’t let greed get the better of you!

Speculation in stocks etc. does not usually favor No 4’s or 8’s, Saturn.

While Stock markets could be topsy-turvy, swinging erratically both ways, the economy could take a beating; and ditto was predicted for 2011 (4) & 2015 (8) when exactly the same happened

Hope I’m wrong, but inflation can reach unprecedented heights and it can be an expensive year for most.

China adds to 15. And as per Numerology, 4 (2020) and 8 don’t blend well enough with 15. 

Remember, the China bubble broke and even the world economy stayed under the dark cloud in 2015 that added to 8. Hence, I’m not too optimistic about the trade ties between US and China that’ll potentially come into being in 2020 (4). 

These trade relations will have an influence over the world economy too, like it already has in a negative way so far!

Not just that, even the unforgettable attacks in Paris took place in 2015 (8), on a date adding to 4- 13th (4) November, 2015. Guess what Paris sums up to? Yes, 15. The world economy could experience doldrums.

Uranus also rules the stomach, so we must resolve to keep a tab on our diet; over-anxiety too leads to disorders in the tummy. We saw how Big B (as predicted) was sadly hospitalized in his 67th (4) year; he was 40 when the Coolie accident happened.

India is in her 73rd year of Independence and 73 is 1, Sun, Leadership. But post 15th Aug, we enter our 74th year. Expect political upheavals and more scams can get unearthed then (thankfully!). Major upheavals may occur in the political arena.

Those born with No 4 (4th, 13th, 22ndor 31st) or 8, Saturn (8th, 17th& 26th) must avoid partnerships and speculation.

1 (Sun), 2, (Moon), 4, (Uranus) and 7 (Neptune) form a family and hence those born with such No’s could have a field year!

Namely those born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th (Sun) or 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th (Moon) or 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st (Uranus) or 7th, 16th & 25th (Neptune) in any month. 

Aquarius born are directly and Leo’s partially under the No 4 influence and can expect a decent year too.

Taurus and Cancer born, (as governed by 2, Moon) are favourably placed too.

And as said every year, some do well, they are those whose current age is same as their birth Number; like if you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th in any month then all years adding to 1 could be eventful, like your 10th, 19th, 28th, 37th, 46th, 55th, 64th, 73rd years and so on.

For instance, born on 10/01, Number 1, Hrithik Roshan’s comeback in his 46th (1) Year was also predicted way before on 10/01/’19! While Super 30 was a Super Hit, through War he entered the 300 crore club for the 1st time ever!

The lucky Colors for ‘20 would be blue, light gray and yellow. Now that’s some good news for our Men in Blue!

I hope the coming year brings us love, peace, harmony and prosperity! Do like, subscribe and share this New Year synopsis with loved ones too.

Believe me, after so many bang-on predictions coming true, it not just needs talent it requires lots of guts too, to stick our necks out from the position we have attained with God’s Grace!!

God Bless

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