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What’s on the Cards?

By Munisha Khatwani, February 17, 2020, Categories: Slider

January 2020

Aries: On the personal front it will be a time of change as your Mars is changing for the better. The change will settle marriage issues and will help even in love life problems. You will be focusing on your professional life as well and there will be some new opportunities on the horizon. On the health front fitness and diet will be important to you. Your social calendar will be quite busy.

Taurus: Your sun planet is shining this month so that will help you on the professional front especially for those who are just starting out. These few weeks you need to learn to go with the flow and believe in the power of the universe. What you give out is what you will get so try and keep your energies positive. Health needs a bit of attention as you have drawn the card of the tower which means health issues could be there.

Gemini: Travel is surely indicated in your cards and there could be some good news as well if you go abroad. For students a good time as far as studies are concerned and you will be looking at even studying further. For those wanting to change jobs right now your Saturn planet is a bit weak which means some delays could be coming your way. Don’t worry as god’s delays are not god’s denials.

Cancer: Money flow will be good this month as you will spend and earn money as well says your card The Empress. Women will be in the mood to pamper themselves. You will be connecting with certain family members this month. This month your Jupiter planet is quite strong which will give you a spiritual growth as well. You will be inclined towards yoga and meditation.

Leo: You have got the card of The World which means this a good month on the work front, maybe even a deep desire of yours could get fulfilled. Life seems to be getting better for you and you seem to have a good control over your life in general. You have been working very hard on a particular project and this month sees that coming through.

Virgo: You will see a rise and good fame as your Jupiter shifts into a positive position. In case you want to clear old debts this is a good period as you might have some excess funds. There could be some legal issues that you need to sort out and it will take a while. For some, new property is indicated on the horizon.

Libra: You are quite happy with certain changes that are taking place in your life, your Uranus planet does help you as far as certain professional decisions are concerned. On the personal front there could be some differences with your partner but overall you will stick with your commitment. For some, a move to a new country is indicated. There could also be some good news in the family and certain couples might be blessed with children.

Scorpio: A penny saved is a penny earned and you need to think about saving some money this month. Yes, money flow is there but expenses are also sky high. For those looking at getting married, this month seems to be a good period to make a marriage decision. Your stars indicate that your Mars will be strong which will help you to remain strong emotionally but will also get you certain hidden enemies. You need to be careful in all your professional dealings.

Sagittarius: When in doubt never make a major decision, it is always better to think things through before you decide what is the final verdict. This month the advice from the cards say that in love be patient as things will fall into place. Your stars also are changing but gradually that’s why you need to be patient. Remember patience is a virtue and few live by it. The good news is that some pending payment comes in this month, so have something to look forward to.

Capricorn: You finally have realised that you have strong feelings for someone, but you are not sure how to go about the entire process. You need to be upfront and admit what is truly in your heart. Your cards indicate there could be some family pressure and there could also be some delays at work. Don’t worry this is a passing phase and you will be seeing some good results.
Aquarius: You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons and need to make sure you are confident about certain decisions. For some there is a new business or business opportunity on the horizon. You have got the card of 5 Of Cups meaning you will be thinking about the past and will be thinking about the mistakes you have made. Some of you might be busy preparing your marriage. This month you will feel that god is with you only you need to have the faith in him.

Pisces: Work will be busy, and your cards say you might use that as a distraction from some other stresses. Your planet Venus is well placed which will give you the support of your life partner and if there were some issues on the love front, it is likely to get sorted out this month. Health will be good as many of you will be concentrating on your fitness and lifestyle changes.

February 2020

Aries: There could be some disappointments this month on the love front but nothing to pay too much attention too as it’s just a passing phase says your cards. You might feel a bit weak physically this month due to exertion. For some your totally in a holiday mood and will barely concentrate on work due to a weak Mangal.

Taurus: If there is a certain situation that you cannot control then it’s best you try not to control it says your cards. Your Venus planet is soon going to improve which will help to clear up misunderstandings with any loved ones. For those who are working very hard on a particular project, you will be happy says your planet Rahu. 

Gemini: You are in a festive mood and might think of mingling with new people this month says your Mercury planet. You will appreciate people who have helped you in the past and will feel that you need to acknowledge the same this month. Don’t be afraid of addressing your fears this month as it will help you.

Cancer: You are having some ego issues with a friend and this is a huge problem for you. You really need this friendship to last and this month things do get better. On the love front, slow and steady wins the race, so don’t be in a hurry. If you are looking for a commitment on the love front this might not be the right time says your planet Venus.

Leo: Finances will be a bit tight month as you realise that you have gone a bit over budget says your planet Mars. You will also be a little stressed regarding some future plans, says your Moon. Health will be getting better for those who have had health issues. You will be also in the mood to support your partner and be more understanding towards him or her this month. 

Virgo: You will be smiling regarding your finances and how! Life is quite hectic, and you will be juggling work and your personal life but somehow you will be able to do so. Travel is definitely on the agenda and so is spending time with your family and friends says your planet Jupiter. There is some spiritual growth indicated and that will be good for you, but you may find some situations a little challenging.

Libra: You feel like taking a sudden trip this month, say your cards, and might land up planning so with a friend. There might be someone chasing you this month and you will enjoy the attention says your Venus. For those expecting a child, you will need to look after your health this week suggests your planet Saturn.

Scorpio: What goes around comes around and who would know that better than you? This month you are focusing on good karma and also working towards certain goals in life. Nothing happens at random is what you will start believing. For those looking to get married you might get some arranged marriage proposals suggest your planet sun.

Sagittarius: There is some stress as far as work is concerned, say your cards. Sometimes some things come through when it’s a hope against hope so it’s best to just keep the faith. Your Saturn planet is a bit heavy, which delays certain aspects in your life. So this month requires extra patience.

Capricorn: Life settles for you on the financial front for the better now. You will be taking care of your health and your diet and lifestyle. For those of you wanting to go abroad you might be able to do so during this period. There could be some family issues and some legal matter that you need to sort out. 

Aquarius: Some things might not have worked out for you recently but now you will have no regrets regarding the same. You need to be a bit careful on the health front as you can’t afford to take too many risks with your health. For those in love your partner might surprise you.

Pisces: Life, at the moment, might be a little unclear as of today about your career so it’s best to not make any final decisions this month says your cards. For women, a good month regarding money and some blocked money comes through for you. Some old flame might decide to reconnect with you this month suggests your planet Mars.

As published in A-DesiFlava – Jan-Feb 2020 issue

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